Thursday, November 21, 2013

That's it folks - 45th And Last 2013 Session.

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Thursday 11/21/2013
Day 45 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach Kite session

This could the last water session of the 2013 season. Future forecasts are predicting below freezing temperatures for the next week or so. An early welcoming to the 2013 snow season.
The season started in the OBX on April 8 and ended November 21.  Thirty three weeks of the water riding season equals out to 1.363 sessions per week and this was a lite wind year.
My favorite session of 2013 was "This is Windsurfing, Day 26 Windsurfing at Kettle Pointe".

Forecast for Thursday 11/21/13 not looking good but the weather talker reporting 15-17 mph from the South.
Time to head to the beach where I found a 19 meter rigging and 14 meter just in - "lite" the rider said.
Got my gear and rigged at the beach. To kite the windier, shallower and kinder rigging/launching area.
South winds to 22 mph, I kited very conservatively didn't want to take on a ice cream headache.
Worked hard at normal foot slide transitions remembering to look where you want to go - where the head goes the body goes.  That's key with the turns. Still mucho practice is needed.
Generally mowing the lawn taking short tacks with no major incidents.
Got done about 1:30, another kiter was rigging a 17, 19 and 14 were gone didn't see much of them on the water.
Positives: Highlight of the day  - very comfortable nicely powered in medium wind session.
Negative: Cold hands but came in and warmed them and was able to go out for another 45 minutes

Sail Time:  2 hours total between 11:00 - 1:30
Gear:  11 meter
Conditions: Normal conditions on shore S winds
Weather:  100% cloudy, dry suit/gloves, water 42 air 43. Hands cold
Wind: Medium wind day - 22 at peak
Schooled: Slide turns
Image: GPS results, Top speed of 19.8 mph, Total miles 12


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A quickie cold MB session

Wednesday 11/20/2013
Day 44 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach Kite session

Not much to write about today's a quickie cold kite session.
Rare ESE winds to 22 mph kited very conservatively didn't want to take on a ice cream headache.
Generally mowing the lawn with no major incidents. Watching Keith excel, jumping, toe side all good stuff.
Launched from day sail launch area - not the best place for launching.
About 5 kiters with Larry and Harry windsurfing.
Positives: Highlight of the day  - very comfortable almost perfectly powered in medium wind.
Negative: Cold hands ended my session early.

Sail Time:  From 2:00 - 3:00
Gear:  11 meter
Conditions: Choppier the normal conditions  with the ESE winds
Weather:  Partly cloudy, dry suit/gloves, water 42 air 43. Hands 32 degrees
Wind: 22 at peak
Schooled: Slide turns, tried some jumping techniques - have look at the manual to stay safe on jumping.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Surprise Lite Wind Session

Friday 11/15/2013
Day 43 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach Kite session

After missing a kitable Wednesday and Thursday due to a lingering cold/cough and hanging around the house trying to get rid of this energy zapping ill feeling. I had enough of this nothingness and had to get on the water.
Although the wind forecast wasn't promising and Metro Beach was only reporting 8-10 mph SW at 2:00 down from earlier reports. Decided to head out and glad I did. I saw 2 other kiters with 17, 16  meter kites and what I thought was an 11 meter on the water. (turned out the 11 was actually a 17)
So I grab my gear and ran down to the beach, rigged and was on the water by 3:30. Almost perfect wind speed for me it took a few pumps of the kite but then I could park it and ride and relax.
I concentrated on working the edges of the board through the higher puffs instead of letting back on the bar. Rode along the shallow beach shoreline a perfect place for me, flat water and windier.

Pleasantly surprised when I realized I could kite when the Weathertalker was reporting 8-10 mph winds from the SW. And others were on a 16 and 17 meter kites, although they were heavyweights.

Positives: Highlight of the day  - very comfortable almost perfectly powered light wind session
although a quickie session with no major incidents to report.
Negative: Cold hands ended my session early.

Sail Time:  From 3:30 - 4:45
Gear:  11 meter
Conditions: Fairly smooth conditions on shore SSW winds
Weather:  Partly cloudy, comfortable with dry suit/gloves, water 42 air 43. Hands 32 degrees
Wind: 15 at peak
Schooled: Goofy foot ollies, turning the ollies in to slide turns with some deep carving.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spur of the moment decsion

Tuesday 11/6/2013
Day 42 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach Kite session

Forecast looked promising with 55 degrees a 10-20 SW wind forecasted and cloudy with 100% change of rain.
Got some text chatter from Keith at noon, he's on his 12 meter, weather talker saying 11 - 15 might be doable. It's not raining it's 55 degrees I think I'll go kiting.
Got to Metro Beach at 12:30 rigged my 11 meter at the beach and was on the water by 1:00.
Kited in steady SW winds which were slowly and steadily ramping upward. I was feeling comfortable kiting back and forth along the beach even took one tack down to official launch site.
Feeling good with goofy side slide turns even got up a few feet in the air with control.
About 2:00 winds picked to where I was completely depower feeling a little uncomfortable I made my way in, no need to be overpowered and ruin a perfectly good session.

Highlight of the day  - very comfortable although a quickie session with no major incidents to report.

Sail Time:  From 1:00 - 2:15
Gear:  11 meter
Conditions: Choppy Metro Beach water conditions
Weather:  Cloudy with heavy rain toward the end of the session, Water comfortable with dry suit/gloves, water 50 air 50s.
Wind: 30+ at peak
Schooled: Goofy foot slide on the verge carving some turns.
Images: MB Wind data for the day

Friday, November 1, 2013

A failed forecast - but still had a good day

Friday 11/1/2013
Day 41 of the 2013 season
Liquid Rush, Rodanthe, NC

Final day for this fall trip to OBX. 7 out of 13 days on the water.

Forecast looked to be a kick ass day with up to 35 mph SW winds all day long with temperatures in the 70s. No need to start early with this forecast.
Needless to say I saw Larry sneaking out movements after sunrise. I joined him about a half hour later with the 5.0 in a rain squall with strong steady 25 plus southwesterly winds. After a half hour winds ramped up 35 plus true to the forecast so I came in and rigged the 3.5 and hoped it would be used all day, but it was briefly used. Soon the winds died down to 5.5 conditions and that's where they remained for the rest of the day.
From 8:00 - 11:30 sailed the 5.0, 3.5 and finally settled on the 5.5 and 100 liter board for the rest of the day. Break at 11:30 went to Atlantic café with Larry for brunch and came back to 5.5 conditions from 1:30 - 5:00.
No chance of me kiting today with the squally/shifty conditions and forecast still promising winds up to 35.
Highlight of the day  - chasing and being chased by Lou.

Sail Time:  From 8:00 - 11:30 and 1:30-  5:00 - 7 hours total
Gear:  5.0, 3.5 85 liter and 5.5 sail  101 board
Conditions: Flat water conditions
Weather:  Rain Squally 70s, water 60s
Wind: 30+ at peak
Schooled: Hero Jibes
Images: Wind data for the day

Thursday, October 31, 2013

No treats this Holloween - Marginal day at best

Thursday 10/31/2013
Day 40 of the 2013 season
Liquid Rush, Rodanthe, NC

Started windsurfing around noon with forecasted winds to 30 mph in the afternoon. A wind squall came by and kicked winds up to 30 plus for about 15 minutes then after squall past it was 10-12 mph. The forecast didn't come through as squally shifty light winds blew most of the day.
Kited from 3:00 - 6:30 with marginal SSW and then toward the end the wind shifted to SE side off making getting in before dark difficult. Had to derig kite with darkness and mosquitos, not fun..

Highlight of the day  - Kiting and Battling the Mosquitos

Sail Time:  3.0 - 6:30 3.5 hours Kite
Gear:  5.5 sail  101 board, 11 meter kite
Conditions: Flat water conditions
Weather:  Rain Squally 70s, water 60s
Wind: 30 at peak
Schooled: Slide turns
Images: Wind data for the day

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marginal Windsurfing Day OBX

Tuesday 10/29/2013
Day 39 of the 2013 season
Liquid Rush, Rodanthe, NC

After a long layoff with calm weather since Friday. The forecast was marginal for today at best 10-15 from the north.
Eventually it peaked at 2:30. Larry went out on an 8.5 and got the rest of us looking.
I tried kiting only to find out it was to fluky on the inside to make it worthwhile. So I grabbed the rigged 5.5 and slogged out to wind line and made it work for about 2 hours worth of marginal windsurfing.
Lou and Harry 7.5 and 8.5 sail sizes. Big stuff for the big boys.

Highlight of the day  - just getting on the water after a long layoff.

Sail Time:  2.0 hours, 4-6 PM
Gear:  5.5 sail  101 board
Conditions: Flat water conditions
Weather:  Clear, 60s, water 60s
Wind: 18 at peak from north
Schooled: Ripping in the peak winds and light air tricks in the lulls
Images: Wind data for the day

Friday, October 25, 2013

Another near perfect waterman day

Friday 10/25/2013
Day 38 of the 2013 season
Liquid Rush, Rodanthe, NC

Four for six for this fall trip to OBX - Again perfect kiting from 11:30-1:00, perfect windsurfing 1:00-2:30, Perfect kiting from 2:30-4:00 and perfect windsurfing 4:00-5:00.
Highlight of the day  - dialing in the slide turns

Sail Time:  2.5 hours
Kite Time: 3.0 hours
Gear:  11 meter and 5.5 sail  101 board
Conditions: Flat water conditions
Weather:  Clear, 50s, water 50s
Wind: 20s at peak from north west
Schooled: Ripping in the peak winds and light air tricks in the lulls
Images: WS, Kiting ,Wind data for the day

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Early morning and post sunset sessions

Thursday 10/24/2013
Day 37 of the 2013 season
Liquid Rush, Rodanthe, NC

Three for five for this fall trip to OBX - some dawn patrol from 9:00 - 9:45 and a surprise post sunset 5.5 sailing from 5:30 - 7:00. Short but sweet sessions.
Highlight of the day  - Watching the sun set while ripping in 5.5 conditions

Sail Time:  2 hours
Gear:  5.5/ 101
Conditions: Flat water conditions
Weather:  Clear, 50s, water 50s
Wind: 20s at peak from west to north west
Schooled: Ripping in the peak winds and light air tricks in the lulls
Images: Wind data for the day

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Perfect Kite session and a bonus Windsurf session

Wednesday 10/23/2013
Day 36 of the 2013 season
Liquid Rush, Rodanthe, NC

Two for four for this fall trip to OBX - after a 2 day layoff the winds and warmth came  back for a full slate of action.
Kited - 9:30 - 11:30 and 12:30 - 2:00 with winds SW to SSW to W. I would say a nearly perfect Kite board session for me.
At 2:30 a dark cloud appeared from the NW  increasing the wind speed and changing the wind direction NW. Hurried and rigged the 4.5 with the 85 liter board sailed that from 3:00 - 4:00. Then the winds slacked to 5.5 conditions so I pulled out the rigged 5.5 and 100 liter board and sailed till 5:30 missing the sunset by 45 minutes

Highlight of the day  - Almost perfect kite session

Sail Time:  Kite session 3.5 hours, Windsurf session, 2.5 hours
Gear: Gear that worked 11.00 Z Kite with 140 board and 4.5/ 85 and 5.5/ 101
Conditions:  Smooth conditions for kite boarding and chop and hop for windsurfing
Weather:  Mostly sunny, near 70, water 60s
Wind: Wind gust peak 27 mph at 3:51 PM, SW clocking to NW
Schooled:  Kite, pulled off a few sliding turns on inside tack and numerous high speed hero duck jibes windsurfing.
Images: Board Room and Wind data for the day

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall in Rodanthe Day one

Day 35 of the 2013 season
Liquid Rush, Rodanthe, NC
10//20/2013 Sunday

First day in OBX.
Kited - 9:00 - 10:30 NNW varying to NNE. Decent  KB session although fluky on inside high powered on the out side.
Windsurfed - 11:30 - 2:00,  Winds NNW to 25.
5.5 /101 liter, flat water conditions.
Good WS session on the outside mainly, with slightly off shore wind.
Around 2:15 wind lightened up and I called it a day.

Highlight of the day  - Ripping with the Buds

Sail Time:  Kited 1st session 1.5 hours, Windsurfed 2nd session, 2.5 hours
Gear: Gear that worked 11.00 Z Kite with 140 TT board and 5.5/ 101 board
Conditions:  Flat, shallow waters with shifty winds
Weather:  Sunny, near 70, water 60s
Wind: N to NNE to 25 mph
Schooled:  Kite practice and numerous hero duck jibes
Images: Gear and Wind data for the day

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kiting Day at "Da local Island"

Day 34 of the 2013 season
Harsens Island 10/16/2013 Wednesday

Thought today would be a good day for kite boarding the flat water of Harsens Island on Big Muscomoot Bay, AKA "The Moot".
With forecasted winds from SW to W at 10-20 it should be a perfect newbie day for kiting.
I Rigged up the 11 meter kite and was on the water by 12:30. Started off with up and down wind speeds so it took some work to get going. Had plenty of good runs mowing the lawn and not losing ground until kite crashed and tumbled wrapping the lines around the kite at least one time. Didn't know what to do so I unhooked and pulled the kite toward me to untangle the lines. Then as I was pulling kite toward me some how it got into a hot launch position and started to hot launch - I grabbed for the bar and quickly realized it was to much power to hold onto so I made a grab for the chicken loop and missed it. The kite and lines were blowing downwind unattached and way out of my reach. All I could do was watch it go, possibly heading to the rocks on shore. Luckily the water wasn't deep so I could walk and paddle toward the shore but I doubt if I could catch the kite before it was to late.
By now the kite was 150 yards away and lucky for me Keith happened to see what happened so he raced downwind with his kite to intercept mine saving it from the rocks. He held on to it until I got there  - THANK YOU KEITH!

Highlight of the day  - Have to admit it was the dramatic save by Keith.
Larry, Harry, Keith, Rick, Chris and the Master kiter Craig all showed up for a sweet day.

Sail Time:  1st session 1.5 hours, 2nd session, 2.0 hours from 12:00-5:00
Gear: Gear that worked 11.00 Z Kite with 140 TT board
Conditions:  Flat, shallow waters with somewhat steady winds
Weather:  Sunny, near 60, water 60
Wind: WSW- W to 20 mph
Schooled:  Learning the kite stuff
Imaged: North Channel crossing on the ferry, some big winds blowing against the current. The general scene at the launch site

Monday, October 7, 2013

First decent session at MB this season

Day 33 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach 10/7/2013 Monday

The forecast was right on with small craft warnings of 15-25 with gusts to 30.
Arrived on site at 12:00 rigged and on the water by 12:30 with the 5.0 and 85 liter board.
Decent SW-W conditions from 12:30 - 2:30 with the normal lulls. Finally at 2:30 a big lull hit and we thought it was done for the day but by 3:30 it came back up to overpowering 5.0 conditions, 4.5 would have been better but I hung on until 5:00 when the wind shifted and lighten up.
Up to a dozen windsurfers and 6 kiters showed up.
Highlight of the day  - flat water hero antics on the inside shallow area.

Sail Time:  1st session 2 hours, 2nd session 1.5 hours from 12:00-5:00
Windsurf Gear: Gear that worked 5.0 with 85 liter board
Conditions:  Fairly flat with chop hopping conditions outside and hero antics on the inside flats.
Weather:  Sunny, near 60, water 60
Wind: WSW- W to 35 mph
Schooled:  Hopping the chop
Pictures: SCS wind data

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finally got it right

Day 32 of the 2013 season
Lake Leelanau 10/1/2013 Monday

With the forecast looking promising for the past several cycles I planned on hitting a different spot. But after seeing Empire beach in all it's glory I couldn't resist getting in probably the last warm, comfortable session of the season here.
I rigged my 5.0 with what looked like south winds, side shore of 15-20 mph and solid whitecaps.
Launched to lite winds on the inside with large shore break, trying to get through was difficult with the lite wind but I got lucky and made it. Once out I found it way over powering with the 5.0 but played  around a bit and probably scored one of my biggest jumps of the season, hit a wave launched upward and the wind lifted me up higher yet I felt like I was 15 feet above the trough of a wave. Landing the board tail first and almost immediately off on a plane. After that turned around and came in to rig the 4.0.
Ok time to go out through lite inside winds with huge shore break. First try ended in immediate disaster. The first big breaker was at least 5 feet which crushed me and all of my gear. Drifted in way down wind and tried again with the same crushing results by now I'm 100 yards downwind on the beach and launching in these conditions look to be unattainable for me. So I derigged on the spot and walked down to get my car drove my car to my gear and loaded it up and headed to my original spot on Lake Leelanau.
1 hour later I arrived to medium SW winds on Lake Leelanau a long narrow lake which runs north and south in the middle of the county. Looked to be perfect 5.0 so again rigged the 5.0 and headed out to gusty 20-35 mph conditions with nice swell/wind direction. Perfect for riding down the line on some of the nicer organized rollers. I soon realized the 5.0 was to big so came in a rigged the 4.0 and finally got to enjoyed the next 2 hours of riding the waves and winds. Some of the best down the line sailing in a while as the small 2-3 foot waves formed almost perfectly and aligned to the wind direction for almost perfect down the line riding.
After 4 re-rigs finally got it right.
Highlight of the day  - smooth rollers and perfect jibes in between the rollers.

Sail Time:  Empire .5 hour, Lake Leelanau 2 hours,  from 11:00 - 5:30, 2.5 hours of sailing time
Windsurf Gear: Gear that worked 4.0 with 85 liter board
Conditions:  Lake Leelanau nice swell with winds of 25-35 mph.
Weather:  Sunny, near 80, water 70
Wind: SSW to 35 mph
Schooled:  Riding down the line
Pictures: Launch at Bingham township park and GTL wind data,


Monday, September 16, 2013

Lexington for the early birds

Day 31 of the 2013 season
Lexington 9/16/2013 Monday

Again the forecast look promising. I arrived to lite winds on the inside and the local flag swapping directions from NNW to NE.
Jerry was out on a 6.0 so a 5.5 should be sufficient for me, rigged it with my 100 liter board and headed out. Lite winds on the inside but once past the jetty the gusty winds picked up from the north. Although not steady but at least planning. Some nice jumping swell on the way out and then some nice smooth swell on the way in. 
Came in took a break, got warmed up and then went out on my smaller gear 5.0 with the 85 board,  this is my favorite setup for big lake sailing.
Wind on the water lightened up around 3-3:30 so that was it for windsurfing, Others kited, I couldn't get rid of my shivers so I called it a day.
Highlight of the day  - smooth rollers near the jetty.

 Sail Time:  Lexington, 11:30 - 4:00. 3.5 hours of sailing
Windsurf Gear: 5.5 with 100 liter RRD and 5.0 with 85 liter
Conditions:  Swirly inside conditions, decent 5.5/5.0 conditions on the outside with fun swell to jump and smooth waves on the ride in.
Weather:  P/Cloudy, air 50s water 70s
Wind: N-NW to 5-30 mph
Schooled:  Fun riding the swell

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lexington / Blue Lagoon Marginal sessions

Lexington / Blue Lagoon Marginal sessions: Day 30
Day 30 of the 2013 season
Lexington/Blue Lagoon 9/13/2013 Friday

The forecast promised big winds I even packed my 3.5 sail expecting an epic fall classis nor'easter. Well it didn't quite go as planned. Arrived at Lexington by 11:00 in a rain squall which appeared to kill what lite winds there were. Chris already arrived early for dawn patrol,  he was rigged and has been playing the waiting game all morning. Jerry was on a 6.0 catching the NW offshore winds a half mile out and doing well.
Waited out the rain along with several others. Finally the rains moved out of the area with a few promising north wind puffs appearing. Anxious, Chris took off on his 85 liter 5.4 sail and put on a show which got everyone stoked I quickly rigged my 5.0. As I rigged Chris was still ripping it up with the exception of a few lulls on the inside...hmm not a problem I take out my bigger board.
Got on the water and slogged out in slightly side off, swirly inside winds. Once out the wind was obviously side off, but not bad the further out the steadier it was.
Had at least an hours worth of decent in and out sailing with nice jumping swell heading out and smooth swell on the rides in.
After an hour or so the winds lightened up which made getting in difficult at one point. I couldn't water start so I had to pull on the up-haul line to get the sail up, (felt and looked like a beginner, thanks Craig). Finally slogged in downwind and made a short walk of "had no choice" shame.
Day over at Lexington, I wasn't going to do that again so I decided to head to Blue Lagoon.
Millard bailed out of Lexington earlier and headed down to BL. His message from BL was good, he was rigging a 5.0. So I headed down to BL got there about 4:30 rigged the 5.0 during a 5 minute continuous gust. On the water by 5:00 having a decent session with 5-25 mph N-NW winds. It actually felt good to be on some flat water a chance to renew my old school freestyle favorites.
Looking back I actually had a nice wave sailing session although short and then topped it off with some flat water jamming. Definitely a counter...

Sail Time:  Lexington, 1:00 - 2:30. BL 5:00 - 6:30
Windsurf Gear: 5.0 with 100 liter RRD
Conditions:  Lexington, Side off swirly inside conditions, decent 5.0 conditions outside with fun swell to jump and smooth waves on the ride in.
Weather:  Cloudy, air 50s water 70s
Wind: N-NW to 5-25 mph
Schooled:  Lexington welcome back to jumping and BL Flat water old school

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hot and Ready - Day 29 of 2013

Metro Beach typical gusty WSW with 95 degrees
Day 29 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach 9/10/2013 Tuesday
After a dismal 3 weeks in Empire with 4 forecasted promises that never materialized and only 2
sessions that did materialized...... Finally back home to score a marginal session at best.
Kiting with the new 11 meter and topping it off with a 5.5 flat water session.
Yes - kiting with a  bigger kite made it much easier especially with the gusty conditions. Good progress on learning the kite game.
And nothing wrong with a flat water session to boost the windsurfer ego.
A marathon 8 hour water session with a 95 degree hot and sunny day.
Kite Time: 11:00 - 2:00
Kite Gear: 11 meter Z kite with the 150 twin tip
Sail Time: 3:00 - 7:00
Windsurf Gear: 5.5 with 100 liter RRD
Conditions:  Easy flat water kiting/sailing conditions
Weather:  Sunny, hot Air 90s water 70s (shorty)
Wind: WSW to 5-25 mph
Schooled: Basic kiting skills and the full bag of tricks with the windsurfing skills

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Empire Beach Almost Classic - Day 28 of 2013 season

Day 28 of 2013 season, Empire Beach, Empire Michigan

This is the forecast as of Saturday 8/24/13 at 2:30 same forecast for 3 days in a row so the outlook for Sunday looks promising. We'll see come Sunday.

This is the actual Empire wind data that occurred on Sunday 8/25/13.

Got to the beach by 10:00 and rigged the 5.0 with 85 liter board and got on the water by 10:30.
Some crazy swell with some voodoo chop thrown in the mix. Winds felt more side shore then normal that would be from the south instead of the ideal southwest. It was fun session with somewhat disorganized swell with a lot of south in the swell, needed more of a southwest swell for optimal conditions.
With the air temperatures in the mid-80s and the water in the mid-60s this is as warm as it gets in the summer.
The unusual conditions made sailing a lot more strenuous then normal making me dead tired by 2:30.
Took a lunch break thinking I could be re-energized and get back out for a few more hours. It didn't work that way. Just to tired and weak to head back out with wind speeds picking up and swell getting gnarlier.  Felt bad wasting winds like that. If I went back out I could have used the 4.5 or 4,0, but I was even to tired to re-rig. It blew 20-30 all afternoon...

Sail Time: 3.0 hours from 10:30-2:30
Gear: 5.0, 85 liter board
Conditions:  Swell, voodoo chop
Weather:  Sunny, Air 80s water 60s
Wind: SSW 15- 35 mph 
Schooled:  Wave riding
Image:   I was impressed by the GoPro resolution of a fram grab, (sand grains caught flying by). Mid-flight of a jump and Impressive shadow jump caught by helmet cam.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 27 of the 2013 season
Little Glen Lake 8/21/2013 Wednesday

I knew the forecast was to be good with SW winds forecasted to be 15-25, temperatures mid- 80s and sunny skies.
Left St Clair Shores at 10 am and headed straight to Empire arriving at the beach by 2:30.
Found it to be hot, sunny and lite south winds. Unable to find a parking spot and since the winds were lite I headed over to Little Glen Lake. Once there I found Mike and Amy resting from an all day long session and Tim Byrd rigging his Ezzy. Looked to 5.5, so by 3:30 I was on the water with the 100 liter board and 5.5 Ezzy.
Very gusty conditions estimated at 10-30 mpg winds from mainly south. Warm, sunny and ripping flat water speed runs with hero jibes. Some scary overpowered gusts lasting quite awhile.
Great meeting Tim and sailing with Mike and Tim. Those guys were ripping it up.

Sail Time: 3.0 hours from 3:30 - 6:30
Gear: 5.5, 100 liter board
Conditions:  Flat water, small chop
Weather:  Sunny, Air 80s water 70s, shorty for me
Wind: NW 15- 35 mph
Schooled:  Flat water recorded breaking speed runs
Image:  Little Glen launch and wind data from Empire

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This is Windsurfing - Day 26 of the 2013 season

Day 26 of the 2013 season
Kettle Pointe (KP) 8/13/2013 Tuesday

After 220 miles of driving from St Clair Shores to Lexington and then back south to cross the bridge in Port Huron and then on over to Kettle Point.  A miscalculation and general distrust in the forecast lords sent me scrambling but it all paid off with a genuine windsurf session.
Let's see, it cost me $4.00 for every 25 miles travel, fuel and wear and tear so that is approximately $36.00 in cost.  Not an issue.... as wind addicts know these kind of sessions are PRICELESS!

Rigged and on the water at KP with the 5.0 and 85 liter board by 3:30 so that's 3.5 hours of drive time for 3 hours of near epic wave conditions. It would have been epic day for me if it was a steadier wind.
NW winds from 15-30 drove in some 8-10 footers with smooth troughs made for easy pleasy conditions.
This is by far the best wave site that I know of in the Great Lakes area.
Great sailing with the masters John Z and "The Fox", Craig.
A special thanks to Craig for talking me into KP.

Sail Time: 3.0 hours from 3:30 - 7:00
Gear: 5.0, 85 liter board
Conditions:  Wavy - yahoos 8-10 foot smooth waves
Weather:  Mostly cloudy, Air 60s water 60s
Wind: NW 15- 30 mph
Schooled: Wave riding extraordinaire
Image:  Grand Bend wind data and general vista of Kettle Point beach. Craig in the background.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Metro Beach goes off unexpectly

Day 25 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach 8/2/2013 Friday

Started out the day with some kite practice at 11:00 rigged, launched and practiced until 2:00.
Got some decent rides although short due to wind direction and my need to stay in the shallows for the time being.

Real fun began at 3:00 rigged the 5.5 only to have the wind pick up, by 4:00 I was on the 5.0.
Good steady 5.0 conditions, very flat jibeatorim on the inside and small chop on outside made it easy to sail with the 100 liter board.

Sail Time: 3.0 hours from 3:00 - 6:00
Gear: 5.5, 5.0 100 liter board
Conditions:  Easy sailing conditions with a few big time gusts outside with flats on the inside.
Weather:  Mostly cloudy, Air 70s water 60s
Wind: SW to WSW 18- 33 mph reported by the MB Weathertalker.
Schooled: Hero jibes, 360s, heli-tacks, the full bag of tricks
Image:  LSC Buoy Data for Aug 2. 2013 and MB Weathertalker data

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Squally day at the local watering hole

Day 24 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach 7/28/2013 Sunday
That's 5 days on the water since 7/18 (5 for 10)

No wind at home but windy enough on the water.
MB talker reporting steady 16 plus from SSW - time to check it out.
Threw the minimum gear in the car, 100 liter board, 6.0, 5.5 and mast, boom and kite.
Got to Metro Beach by 10:30 rigged the 6.0 and on the water by 11:15. Great 5.5 - 6.0 conditions nonstop until a lull hit around 1:00. At that time I came in for break and watched as a few puffs almost got me back out. Sat around and got chilled and relaxed. Meanwhile Larry went back out slogged a little and then for the most he was up on a plane.
After a few more erratic puffs I decided to call it quits although the wind still showed some promise. I was chilled and shivering, put the gear away with wind blowing a steady 6.0.  Left anyway so my wind brothers could have some for themselves.

Sail Time: 1.5 hours from 11:15 – 1:00
Gear: 6.0 with 100 liter board
Conditions:  Easy sailing conditions perfect wind to swell match outside with flat on the inside.
Weather:  Mostly cloudy, Air 60s water 60s
Wind: WSW to 18-25 mph
Schooled: Slashing, hero jibes, 360s, heli-tacks, the full bag of tricks
Image:  MB Data for Jul 28 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Energetic Session at Crystal Lake

Day 23 of the 2013 season
That's 4 for 7

A disappointing day at Empire beach with whitecaps and the wind blowing 18 plus from the SW good enough for the 5.5. Problem was the beach was so crowded at mid-day that parking was impossible.
Since it was a pack up and head back home day it’ll have to do.
All packed up and ready to go I decided to take the route that goes by Crystal Lake.
Forecast called for 10 – 20 from the SW and it was above that when I left Empire.
At Crystal Lake I drove by the favorite launch spots on the south side of the lake. Saw the lake was definitely white capping so I stop in at the White Street launch and saw Al ripping along.
After talking to Al I rigged the 6.0 on the 100 liter board launched at 4:30 and sailed non-stop until 6:30. Some decent ripping with some nice jumping swell outside.
Al, like me likes to practice different moves so it was fun watching him and trying my moves that I need practice on.
This was a feel good energetic session, it seems like I had more excited energy after the session then before - got to love these sessions.

Sail Time: 2.0 hours from 4:30 – 6:30
Gear: 6.0 with 100 liter board
Conditions:  Jumpable outside, with flat on the inside
Weather:   Sunny, Air 70s water 70s
Wind: SW to 18-25 mph
Schooled: Slashing, jumping, hero jibes, 360s, heli-tacks
Image: The view

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cannery - Glen Haven Sleeping Bear Bay. Day 22 of the 2013 season

The Cannery - Glen Haven -  Sleeping Bear Bay - Day 22 of the 2013 season.
July 23, 2013 Tuesday
Consistent wind forecasts since Saturday

Above forecast from Saturday

Todays forecast - We'll see......

Actual wind data from today........  (Grand Traverse Light)

I would say forecast was right on again for it turned out pretty darn good.
I launched from The Cannery in Glen Haven due to side shore NW winds and not as ferocious shore break as Empire beach was. Smooth 2-4 foot breakers on the inside sandbars with voodoo 4-6 foot swell on the outside - what a workout trying to sail that stuff, swell coming from every direction so it seemed. The outside voodoo workout was well worth it because every time heading back to the to the inside sandbars the swell smoothed out and was well organized, good for riding. I actually had some good wave front and back  side down the line wave riding for 40- 50 yards.
The wind was nearly side shore with the waves coming straight in perfect for wave riding.

Sail Time: 3.0 hours from 1:00 - 4:30
Gear: 5.0 with 85 liter board
Conditions:  4-5  foot voodoo swell outside, with smooth organized waves on the inside
Weather:   Sunny, Air 60s water 70s
Wind: NW to 20 - 30 mph

Schooled: Wave riding
Image: Grand Traverse Light Data, Venue from Pyramid Point 400 feet above sleeping Bear Bay
Video: Some backside riding

Friday, July 19, 2013

Forecast was right on Day 2 at Empire Beach

Forecast was right on - 2nd in a row at Empire Beach 

Day 21 for the 2013 season  
Empire Beach, 7-19-2013 Friday.

Another forecast that was right on, strong SW winds early morning and  receding to light winds by afternoon.
Rigged and on the water by 8:00 sailed nonstop until I was exhausted. At 9:30 came in took a break and mounted the Go-Pro on the helmet.
It was a warm morning nearly 80 degrees with a cold  front barreling down. Storms and winds were in the forecast, 5.0 and 85 liter were perfect. Again just like the previous day smooth as silk waves to jibe on - fun city for sure.
Images of shore break havoc as tiny but strong shore break takes it's toll - finally rig safe on the beach luckily nothing broken.

Sail Time: 2.0 hours from 8:00-1030
Gear: 5.0 with 85 liter board
Conditions:  4-5  foot organized swell, with many smooth faces
Weather: Sunny, Air 80s water 70s
Wind: S-SW to 30-40 mph

Schooled: Wave riding
Image: Grand Traverse Light Data

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Forecast was right on Empire Beach lights up by 5:00 - Day 20 for the 2013 season

Forecast was right on - Empire Beach lights up by 5:00

Day  20 for the 2013 season  
Empire Beach, 7-18-2013 Thursday.

Never expected the forecast to be correct, all day long the wind was forecasted to be sailable by 6:00.
Well sure enough by 5:00 Lake Michigan was lite up with 5.0 - 5.5 conditions. The cold front was heading south and in front of it the predicted winds were right on.
Perfect swell with many smooth ones to make effortless jibe on. Didn't have to look far in the distance for the smooth swells they were all over so was able to do short tacks and a lot of smooth jibing.
First writeable session for the Empire this year, 95 degrees with 70 degree water shorty suit was all I needed which is rare for me.
Rigged the 5.5 on the 85 liter and I could of been on a 5.0 but held on and enjoyed 2 hours of non-stop action with the 5.5.

Sail Time: 2.0 hours from 6:00 - 8:00
Gear: 5.5 with 85 liter board
Conditions:  4-5 swell organized swell, with many smooth ones.
Weather:   Sunny, Air 95s water 70s,  shorty weather
Wind: S-SW to 20-30 mph

Schooled: Wave riding
Image: Grand Traverse Light and Empire Data

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lexington as planned

Lexington as planned 

Day 19 for the 2013 season  
Lexington, 7-11-2013 Thursday.

This session was a semi-planned event. That is I hope I don't waste gas and time chasing the wind. 
The forecast looked marginally for wind, but throw in the late afternoon anomaly that we often see here.
Left home at 1:30 rigged and on the water at 3:30 with 6.0 and 100 liter board. Wasn't sure what to rig with the Big Man Harry on a 7.5 and semi-slogging.  6.0 is the biggest sail I have so that narrowed the choices down.
At first it was lite but riding the swell could get you going enough to make it worthwhile.
Gradually the anomaly kicked in and by 4:00 it was well powered 6.0 conditions. I was able to head back up wind and gain some ground that I lost during the lighter stuff.
I made a heading to the north side of the jetty due to a wind shadow on the south side. The 6.0 on the 100 liter board was working perfectly, winds were estimated in the 15-20 MPH  range.
Sailed until 6:00 when wind got lighter, I made it a down winder from the north side of the harbor and called it a day.
My 3rd time at Lexington so far this summer I believe that is a record for me in a single season. I really enjoy this launch, clean water, no weeds and nice swell, water is warmed and crowds are non-existent.
Harry 6.5 - 7.5, Millard 6.0,  Craig and Eddie kited.

Sail Time: 2.5 hours from 3:30-6:00
Gear: 6.0 with 100 liter board
Conditions: Small but organized swell, mellow winds
Weather:   Sunny, Air 60s water 60s.
Wind: N- NE to 15-20 mph

Schooled: Wave riding
Image: Port Sanilac data,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lexington Scores for second day in a row

Lexington Scores for second day in a row. Nice mellow day of easy riding

Day 18 for the 2013 season  
Lexington, 7-1-2013 Monday.

This session was a planned event. Forecast looked like a no brainer for guaranteed wind?
Left home at 1:00 on the water at 2:30 with 5.0 and 100 liter board. 
Found decent conditions with slight east in the north winds. Felt lite for the 5.0 so that's the reason I took the bigger board out.
After 24+ hours of N-NE winds the waves/swell were looking exciting some 8-10 footers appearing now and then.
Ripped it up for an hour and a half mostly on the north side of the jetty due to a wind shadow on the south side. The 5.0 on the big board was working perfectly winds were estimated in the 15-20 range. Surprisingly the big board never felt to big but at times I was glad I had it because of the liter puffs that occasionally came through.
Came in about 4:30 due to wind increasing slightly and hunger pains, took a half hour break and headed back out with the same gear. Again ripped it up on south side having one of my best sessions of the season so far. Playing in the swell, surfing the swell and hitting some swell perfectly for long easy surfing rides. Not to windy so no overpowered moments at all which made for an easy relaxing day. One of the best days this season so far.
A record Monday showing with 8 windsurfers; John Z, Larry R, Rick, Keith, Craig, Jerry, Chris, and Tom J. Sail sizes ranged from Chris 4.6 how did he do it? to Rick on a 6.5.
Also worth mentioning is that this was the 3rd day in a row, very rare in Michigan.

Sail Time: 4.0 hours from 2:30 - 7:00

Gear: 5.0 with 100 liter board
Conditions: Nice swell, mellow winds
Weather:   Cloudy, Air 60s water 60s.
Wind: N- NE to 15-25 mph steady as it gets

Schooled: Wave riding as good as it gets in Michigan
Image: Gear on beach, Crew and Port Sanilac wind data

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lexington Scores

Lexington Scores

Day 17 for the 2013 season - Lexington, 6-30-2013 Sunday.

The text lines was humming with activity, promises of wind, clean water, waves and sunshine coming to  Lexington Harbor.
So I drove the 65 miles to Lexington only to find lite wind conditions at 3:30. With a few windsurfers out on 6.5 and bigger.
I rigged big 6.0 and took out the 100 liter board with the big fin. On the water by 4:00 only to
find at best marginal conditions - working the waves to stay on a plane.
Then about 4:30 someone turned on the switch and the wind picked up to an slightly overpowering 6.0 conditions. Held on and had a few perfect jibes outside and inside in the 2-4 foot waves that were starting to form.
Eventually at 5:30 came in to rig the 5.5 and back on the water by 5:45 to find out it was 5.0 conditions after and hour of play time came in and rigged the 5.0 along with the 85 liter board.
Back on the water by 6:45 and enjoyed 45 minutes of riding the waves when the wind started to die off.
At 7:30 came in and called it a day a good day that is. Cocktails courtesy of Craig.

Sail Time: 3.0 hours from 4:00 - 7:30
Gear: 6.0, 5.5, 5.0 with 100 and 85 liter board
Conditions: Nice swell, but lite winds on the inside
Weather: Sunny Air 70s water 70s.
Wind:  NE to 25+ mph

Schooled: Wave riding as good as it gets in Michigan
Image: Gear used, Port Sanilac wind data