Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 40 of the 2014 season: Epic Empire Kite session

This smile says it all, photo bombed by Chris ripping in the background

Great sailing with Chris, he finally got a chance to sail a classic Empire when it's at it's best.
2 epic sessions first with the 11M well powered for the entire upwind run to the bluff and blissfulness on the downwind run back. The second session with the 9M perfectly powered. Played in the swell until I was ready to crawl in.
Chris held steady on his 12 meter Naish and 130 Mako Carbon fakeo. Although he did toughed it out with the strapless for few runs.

1st session Upwind/Downwind riding

Highlight of the day:  Epic, Classic,  Empire                             
TOW:  Nearly 4 plus hours of bliss
Gear:  11M first session, 9M second session
Conditions:  2-4 footers with smooth troughs on the inside
Weather:   Partly sunny upper 70s
Wind: SSW winds from 15-25
Schooled:   Wave riding

Being chased by a beautiful 2-3 footer smoothie on the inside.
Similar to 2 other Empire sessions this year

Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 39 of the 2014 season: Lil' Glen WS/Kite on small inland Lake and SUP at Empire -Trifecta Day


Didn't think it was possible to have a decent kite session on a small inland lake with hills surrounding it. Tried to windsurf with my new Ezzy 5.7 and100 liter board but the wind was not consistent at the water's level. Up higher it was surprisingly steady. I've snow kited here with success in the winter but didn't think the summer winds would allow kiting.
Great fun in the shallow flat water kite boarding, Plenty of freestyle tricks WS and a strenuous quickie upwind SUP session at Empire Beach

Highlight of the day: Trifecta - although all 3 were minimum
TOW:  Almost 2 hours total for all 3
Gear:  11 M, 5,7, 100 liter and  11 F Naish SUP
Conditions:  Flat water kiting/WS. Small swell for SUPing
Weather:   Partly sunny 82
Wind: SSE winds from 10-20
Schooled:  Mowing the lawn Kiting, lite wind freestyle WS and upwind/downwind SUPing



SUP Data
SUP Empire Beach

Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 38 of the 2014 season: Milner Beach Surprise Session


Milner Beach Surprise Session:
Gear for the day
I was out SUPing in perfectly calm conditions with practically zero wind or a slight wind from the NE. Then suddenly the wind notched up a bit and paddling into the wind got a little harder. Then 5 minutes later it pickup with white caps starting to form, it's a good thing I was upwind so I turned around and enjoyed the downwind run back home.
Put the SUP away and headed to the beach to rig my 11 M kite. Rigged and ready to go but the launch was a tricky one  - luckily the wind direction was just right so I could launch between the boat hoist and the floating dock.
A marginally session at best - used the 150 board
due to the marginally conditions.

Highlight of the day:  Total surprise - not in the forecast
TOW:  1:15 (6:30-7:45)
Gear:   11M and 150 board
Conditions:  Choppy disorganized small swell - marginally winds
Weather:   70s and mostly cloudy
Wind: 12-18 MPH NE
Schooled:  Just mowing the lawn with 150 board. Just great to feel the wind

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 37 of the 2014 season: Another Tuesday: This time the hike to Petobego Bay was worthwhile

Rainy, cold, ugly, and to windy for me at my favorite spot, Empire Beach. Seems like anywhere I checked on the big lake was to much for me with the swell  crashing right on the beach and very strong longshore currents. Actually with the high water there wasn't much beach to speak of. 
Time to head over to East Bay.  Launched at the exit of the Petobago trail and worked my way up wind to the lagoon. There I found the lagoon was overwashed by the waves and high water. I actually rode over the sandbar which was a foot under water - normally its a foot above the water.
Kited for 2 hours with 3 others when wind got fluky so I made a quick downwind run to the launch to call it a day

Parking, hiking, launch, and ride.

Gear for the day - 9M and Mako 

TOW:  1:30-3:30
Gear:   9M kite and 140 Mako Board
Conditions: some smooth swell to be found and flat water in the lee of the sandbar
Weather:  Raining, mid-50s, fall conditions  
Wind:  NW to 30
Schooled:   Nice ollies to toeside on a swell and then riding down the swell carving deep to other tack.
Highlight of the day:  Rode upwind to the lagoon expecting flat water inside only to find out the sandbar was overwashed by the waves and the lagoon was part of the big bay. In doing so discovered more nice smooth swell just west of he lagoon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 36 of the 2014 season: Surprise Session - Something about Tuesdays this season

Something about Tuesdays this season. Seems like Tuesdays are the windy days this year.

A total surprise session on Sleeping Bear Bay from the Bay street launch.
Side on NNE winds up to 20 MPH - parking the kite and cruising.
Winds were forecasted to be NNE 5-10 but as it often happens here the wind is sailable even with the feeble forecast.

Sleeping Bear Bay from the end of Bay Street in Glen Arbor, Michigan

11M kite with Mako 140 - gear of the day

Highlight of the day:  Surprise session!
TOW:  2:30 - 4:30

Gear:   11M kite, 150 slingshot board and 140 Mako Board
Conditions:  Some small waves but surprisingly smooth conditions
Weather:   Bluebird day mid -70s,  water 60s
Wind: NNE to 20 MPH
Schooled:  Just having some fun after a long period of nothing