Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Session 66 of the 2018 season: EPIC HI 9 Meter day

An EPIC 9M Harsens Island day. Reliable, steady and confident WSW winds to 30 plus.
Searching for todays slicks south and north of the middle channel. Even the middle channel leeward side had some space for downwind carving. The downwind ride back to the launch was a carving paradise with constant strong winds and some nice steep swells. An Epic day with Craig, Keith, Mark, Aaron and myself. All on 9s except for Mark on the 12.

3 different slicks with todays WSW winds

Gear:  9M Naish with TT board 
TOB:   12:30-3:00 non-stop action
Winds: 20-30 mph from the WSW  
Weather: Mostly cloudy, lower 40s
Surface:   Typical HI with some nice swell to slash on

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Session 65 of the 2018 season: Metrobeach Rodeo

7M Naish Kite with TT board. A rodeo of a day, with SW winds gusting 20-45 mph.
Nice swell to play on but it was a rare instant when the wind and the swell lined up perfectly.
Mid-50s, mostly cloudy with some sun showing.  A few rapid fire rain showers appearing through the day.
Overall about a dozen kiters appearing through out the day.

Gear:  7M Naish kite with TT board 
TOB:    Almost 3 hours of kite time on the water
Winds: gusty winds from 20-40 mph from the SW  
Weather: cloudy, mid 50s
Surface:  some nice sized swell on the outside with small breakers inside

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Session 64 of the 2018 season: EPIC Lexington with an unusally ESE wind

An 11M session with the TT board. ESE winds 20-30 mph.              
Surprisingly nice swell on the inside by the break wall. 
Clean and well spaced waves up to head high made this an epic session.   
The irresistible slicks in the harbor were fun and also session ending. (Kite crash onto a dock post)
Craig, Chris and Justin all on 9M Kites, Tom on his 11M
Some sun through high clouds, mid-40s temperature.

Chris getting some air time

Gear:  11M Naish with TT board 
TOB:   12:30-3:00 non-stop action
Winds: 20-30 mph from the ESE   
Weather: Mostly cloudy
Surface:   Mixed up on the outside, with some organized, clean waves inside the breakwall.