Saturday, June 30, 2018

Session 41 of the 2018 season: Repeat of yesterday's Pt Betsy session

Repeat of yesterday's Pt Betsy session.

Gear:  9M with TT
TOB:  11:00-1:00
Winds:  25-35 generally from the south 
Weather: Hot, sunny 80s near shore  
Surface conditions: 2-3 footers

Highlights: 9M right from the beginning. And right from the beginning I was overpowered. Only carried my 9 and 11 the half mile hike to the launch. Held on to the 9 while others rigged 7s.
Still a fun session with lofty conditions almost identical to yesterday.
Sunny, hot, 80 degrees and hazy with generally south winds 20-30+ mph.
Totally exhausted after this 1.5 hour session.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Session 40 of the 2018 season: Pt Betsy the only game in town

No where else had wind, FF had a light breeze, Empire had an 8-12 light breeze. Pt Betsy had 9-11M conditions. This is becoming the new normal.

Gear:  11 down to 9 with TT
TOB:  2:00-4:00
Winds:  Generally south 15-30 mph 
Weather:   Sunny and hot 80 degrees near shore and 90s inland
Surface conditions: 2-3 foot swells

A great day at the notorious Pt. Betsy beach.
80 degrees and sunny with south winds from 15-30 mph.
Rode my 9M when I should of been on my 11M. Rode the 11M when I should of been on the 9M. Very lofty conditions and as expected nice swell to play on.
Overall one of the better days in the waves this year. 


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Session 39 of the 2018 season: Summer begans with an EPIC Pin to Lin downwinder

Gear: 9M Naish Pivot and TT 
Demoed 12M Ocean Rodeo Prodigy.   
TOB: 12:00-4:30 & 5:00-6:00
Winds:  Generally northeast 15-35 mph
Weather:  sunny mid 60s
Surface conditions: nice playful swell and world class slicks

Epic 40 mile downwinder from Pinconning to Linwood. Had some nice waves and world class slicks.
Solid 9M for Craig and myself, Nick on a 10M and Doug on a 12M.
Sunny mid-60s with mainly northeasterly winds up to 35 mph.

Epic 40 mile downwinder

Pinconning Beach scene 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Session 38 of the 2018 season: Pinconning with ENE 15-20 - OBX conditions

Gear: 11M Z1 and TT board   
TOB: 5:00-6:30 
Winds: 20-25 mph from the ENE
Weather: 10/90 sun and clouds, upper 60s
Surface conditions: OBX with slick action
Highlights: Solid 11M with OBX like conditions, lots of reverse side carving practice.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Session 37 of the 2018 season: At Harsens Island; took a gamble and this time it paid off

Gear: 13M Z down to 9M Pivot with surf board and TT board   
TOB: 2:00-4:00 and 5:00-5:30
Winds: 10-20 mph from the southwest and then a short storm burst of 20-30 mpg
Weather: 50/50 sun and clouds and upper 70s
Surface conditions: Typical Harsens
Highlights: Lucky day took a gamble and it paid off. After a false start things picked up to well powered 12-13M conditions. Super lofty with some nice lifts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Session 36 of the 2018 season: Caseville lights up with warm and sunny wave conditions

Gear: 11M Z1 down to 9M Pivot and TT board   
TOB: 2:30-5:00
Winds: 20-30 mph from the west clocking to northwest
Weather: Sunny and upper 70s
Surface conditions: Nice wave action nearshore. West side of jetty had very clean waves.    
Highlights: 11M down to 9M west to northwest winds up to 30 mph. Nice wave action nearshore. West side of jetty had very clean waves.
The fast moving 9M Naish pivot kite shines brightly in these conditions.
Sunny and in the upper 70s.
Larry on 7M with foil and surf board.
Steve on 9M with foil.
3 hours of Caseville waves equals a fun day. Although there wasn’t a slick the clean waves were a pure joy.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Session 35 of the 2018 season: Easterly winds on West Bay at Lee Pointe

TOB:   2:45-3:45
Gear: 13M Z kite     
Winds: 10-25 from the east
Weather: mostly cloudy near 70 degrees air temp
Surface conditions:  Basically flat water 

2:41 PM on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Kitesurf Lee Pointe West Bay

It’s hard to find a launch with easterly winds around this area. Lee Pointe on west bay looks like it has potential. With an east wind it’ll be a side shore launch.
Arriving on site and not a whitecap to be seen. But it felt windy on top of the bluff.
Rigged a 13M on the TT with a pocket park sketchy launch. Launch would have worked better with more south in the wind.
Had an hour long solo session, having a decent time carving, oiling and jumping when overpowered.
Overall a much deserved sesh with a rare east wind.