Sunday, June 10, 2018

Session 35 of the 2018 season: Easterly winds on West Bay at Lee Pointe

TOB:   2:45-3:45
Gear: 13M Z kite     
Winds: 10-25 from the east
Weather: mostly cloudy near 70 degrees air temp
Surface conditions:  Basically flat water 

2:41 PM on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Kitesurf Lee Pointe West Bay

It’s hard to find a launch with easterly winds around this area. Lee Pointe on west bay looks like it has potential. With an east wind it’ll be a side shore launch.
Arriving on site and not a whitecap to be seen. But it felt windy on top of the bluff.
Rigged a 13M on the TT with a pocket park sketchy launch. Launch would have worked better with more south in the wind.
Had an hour long solo session, having a decent time carving, oiling and jumping when overpowered.
Overall a much deserved sesh with a rare east wind.


Monday, June 4, 2018

Session 34 of the 2018 season: Harsens Island season opener

TOB: Starting at 11:15 and ending by 6:30. With several breaks during some wind lulls 
Gear:  11M Z1 and 12M Naish Pivot demo   
Surface conditions:  small chop to slick paradise   
Wind:   WNW 10-30
Weather: Sunny, mid 60s, bluebird day

Highlights: Highlight of the day: Harsens Island - First Decent session of 2018.
Rigged my 11 meter kite and I was on the water by 11:15. Casually worked my way upwind to the middle channel slick with Craig right behind me. The slick was good, not optimal due to wind direction but still good. Little bit more north would of been better. Craig and I kited there for and hour plus, boosting, carving hard and just having too much fun.
Finally needing a break we headed back first Craig and me following about 15 minutes later.
Took a break and then headed back out, unfortunately the wind never got steady enough to repeat a north channel visit. Still kited near the launch having plenty of fun .