Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 76 0f the 2016 season: After a false start the wind finally showed up - with a solid rain kite session

Arriving at Metrobeach by 11 o'clock to what we thought were good enough winds. Rigged up my 11 others rigged 12s or bigger. Saw some others struggling on the water so I decided to take out the bigger direction board. I played on the directional for awhile in marginal winds as I watched Craig walking back to shore with his kite. Soon after it wasn't enough for my kit so I headed in.
We waited around, got lunch and finally the wind turned on at 2:00 so at 2:30 I went out and enjoyed an excellent 2 hours of loftiness on the TT and the last .5 hour on the directional board as it got lighter.
About 6 kiters showed up with a cool 44 degrees at 5 o'clock.

TOW:   2:30 - 5:00                        
Gear:  11M Z1, TT and Mako directional board with straps
Water Conditions: choppy,  some unusual SE swells to play on
Weather: rain heavy at times, 44 degrees when I got off the water
Wind:  to 30 mph from SSE (135 degrees)
Highlights: very lofty conditions, long floater jumps

Metro Beach session from 2:30 - 5:00

Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 75 of the 2016 season: Frankfort with Gnarly conditions and a bad call at the end

Not to many days in November that warm up to 65-70 degrees especially in late November. Also my first session at Frankfort this season.
A quickie session due to the gnarly conditions at Frankfort beach.
Several kiters out on 9s to 17s. With 12 being the average size.
Rigged my 11 during a lull and headed out during a puff.
Enjoying the ride on the north side of the harbor, some shoulder high clean swells to play on. Had to avoid the surfers and fight the gustiness of the south winds on the inside but all was good..
Wind data from thr Frankfort Light
Suddenly out of nowhere a heavy rain squall appeared and ramped the winds up to 30-40 mph. Struggled on the wild ride out during the heavy rain squall, but the toeside rides in with excess wind were worth the effort.  Just as the swell kicked up quickly to well over head height the wind lulled. Most kiters struggled in along with myself.
Landing my kite in the rain while others went back out as the wind again ramped up.
I was either going call it quits or rig my 9M. With the rain still falling, did I want to get 2 kites wet and sandy?
So I ended up wrapping up my 11 and calling it quits.  After that I was very disappointed in my call. I missed another 1.5 hours of good 9M or 6.5M conditions - should of, could of but didn't. I watched as the winds looked steady and guys on 8-12s were ripping it up. Not happy with my decision...but oh well live and learn...

South entrance light

TOW:   2:45-3:45                          
Gear:  11M Z1 and TT
Water Conditions:    shoulder high to over head high mostly clean
Weather:   65-70 degrees partly cloudy to heavy rain squalls
Wind:  20-40 mph S to SW to S
Highlights: head high clean swells inside - gnarly conditions during a rain squall

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 74 of the 2016 season: Caseville, near epic conditions!

What a day!  With near epic conditions for me.
Upon arrival we found Chris taking a break in the parking lot and saying conditions were not as expected, with plenty of holes and massive gusts.
Craig an I rigged our 9s to match Chris's 9 and by the time I launched and took my first tack I was saying I could be on my 6.5. I held on over powered for the first hour hoping for the wind to drop a tad. Finally it felt like it did drop but still I was at the end of my depower line the entire session.
Stayed mostly on lee side of breakwall where cleaner swells and the slicks were.
Fun jumping, slashing, carving and the slick was fabulous. A fun day where the 4 hours of drive time paid good feeling dividends.
Craig, Chris, Pablo, myself and 2 other kiters enjoying the conditions.

Caseville wind data 20-35 mph

TOW:    1:45-4:30
Gear:  9M Z kite and TT board
Water Conditions:  flat water slicks, some knee hip high clean swell and ugly LSC style chop outside and upwind of breakwall
Weather:   50ish degree air with bluebird skies
Wind:  Mainly SW 20-35 mph. Some holes, some gustiness
Highlights: a near epic day with plenty of wind to do whatever my capabilities allowed

TRACK Caseville 11/13
MAX SPEED  23.44 mph
SKI DISTANCE  33.84 miles

TRACK Caseville 11/13
MAX SPEED  23.44 mph
SKI DISTANCE  33.84 miles

Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 73 of the 2016 season: HI with a rare 6.5 kite session

A rare 6.5 kite session on the LF solo kite. (I know it sounds like a windsurfing rig size).
The 6.5 was plenty of fun and enough power to do all that I could do.
Others were on 9.0 with the same results.
Kiting with Craig, John, Jerry, Mark and a few more.

TOW:    2:15-4:30 -  31.5 GPS miles
Gear:  6.5 LF Solo kite and TT board
Water Conditions:  Some holes/gustiness
Weather:   40ish degree air with bluebird
Wind:  Mainly NNE to 30+
Highlights: a great boosting day
with plenty of wind to do it all

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 72 of the 2016 season: Metrobeach fires up to near epic conditions

Started on 11M Z1 and finished on the 9M Z.
An above average November day with not a cloud in the sky and nearing 60 degrees.
A near epic Metro Beach day with strong mainly SW winds.

   11:30-1:30 and 3:00-5:00
Gear:  11M Z1, 9MZ, TT board
Water Conditions:  Some holes/gustiness
Weather:   60ish degree air with bluebird
Wind:  Mainly SW and WSW to 30+
Highlights: some nice playful swells and a great boosting day
with plenty of wind to do it all

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 71 of the 2016 season: November finally gets some wind - Harsens breaks the streak

November finally gets some wind - 10 days of downtime in the peak fall season finally comes to an end. A cold, chilly, cloudy morning session at Harsens Island turns into a bluebird afternoon session breaking the streak. Keith already on the water when I arrived with both of us on the 9Ms for the morning session then during a lull at noon I rigged up the 11M. Craig came and rigged his 12M and then Jerry with his 12M. Had another 2 hours on the 11M with the 2nd hour lightening up and me switching to my directional board.
An early trip to the slick where conditions were decent nearest the point, some hunters hiding in the weeds spoiled that only fun section of the slick.
Overall decent day with the Patagonia suit working wonders to keep me warm.

TRACK Harsens Island 11/9
MAX SPEED 21.14 mph
SKI DISTANCE 52.60 miles

TOW:    9:45 - 2:30 with a 1 hour break - 52 miles of riding
Gear:   9M Z 9:30 - 11:30, 11M Z1 12:30-2:30,   TT and directional board
Water Conditions:  Typical H.I.
Weather:   mid 40s to 50 degree air and cloudy to bluebird
Wind:  N to 30  
Highlights: Fun day with a record breaking 52 miles logged