Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 61 of the 2014 season: Veterns Day session at Metro Beach - steady as it gets

Happy Veteran's Day!

Metro Beach - steady as it gets. In fully powered mode for 2 hours not moving the depower line at all for the session. Better wind up high today, nary a white cap to be seen until 3:30 that is when a wind shift came in and winds increased by 10-15 MPH. By then I was done and off the water. Wished I had my 5.7 sail rigged to compliment the decent kite boarding day. JAB did  - he rigged the 7.0 and when the real wind came up he was on it.
Big crowd on hand as everyone wanted a last shot at warm weather TOW. 
Also quite possibly the last day of local kiting this season for me.

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Mellow Day - 1st session
MAX SPEED 20.32 mph
SKI DISTANCE 17.25 miles
Highlight of the day:  toeside to heelside ollies - better jumping getting the kite lofting involved now
TOW:   11:45 from 1:30  and 2:00 3:00
Gear:  11M and 140 Mako
Water Conditions: from flat water in the bowl to chop hoping conditions
Weather:   A remarkable 60 degrees and sunny   
Wind:  12-20 MPH generally from the SSW  
Schooled:  toeside to heelside ollies and getting the kite lofting involved in my jumps

A John Simpson Photograph
Mellow day for cruising  

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 60 of the 2014 season: Carbon Copy of yesterday

Carbon Copy of Metro Beach on Saturday 11-08 except warmer temperatures 45 degrees instead of 41 degrees and dry.
Arrived by 1:15 with several kiters on the water with 10-15 M kites - Craig and Chris doing the loop, playing by the beach. Rigged my 11M and headed out to join the others. Solid sometimes overpowered with the 11M so I just held on and rode through the gusts.
Did the loop upwind to the bowl and downwind carving to the beach and back up to the shoal for the pinch back to the bowl. Where I could play in the flat water for awhile and then start the loop again.

Highlight of the day:  More toeside 180s - decent pops with some lofting of the kite                   
TOW:   2.5 hours 2:00 - 4:30
Gear: 11M 140 Board
Water Conditions: from flat water in the bowl to some swell at the shoal
Weather:   45 degrees, cloudy but dry
Wind: 12-25 from the SSW
Schooled:   jumping and 180 ollies

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 59 of the 2014 season: Metro Beach as forecasted

Metro Beach was the spot today, with the forecasted southwestern winds to 25. It was solid for me from 10:15 - 12:00. Took a break at 12:00 and by the time I went back out the wind as forecasted started to clock to the west and lighten up.
Good crowd for a brutal weather-wise day. But this is what is to be expected this time of year.
5-8 kiters and 2 windsurfers. Including Keith, Craig, Chris, JAB and myself.
These TOW days are narrowing down. With the forecast for the middle of next week to be colder. Temperatures forecasted to mid to low 30s for the highs will probably form some ice on the water and that'll be it for the season. No worry the snow guns will fire up and soon the ski hills will be open. And hopefully the ice will form for some ice kiting.

Highlight of the day: several successful toeside to heelside ollies - been working on theses for weeks
TOW:   1:45 from 10:15 - 12:00
Gear:  11M and 140 Mako
Water Conditions: from flat water in the bowl to some nice swell at the shoal
Weather:   41 degrees was the highest I saw on my van thermometer, low clouds, lite rain.
Wind:  12-25 MPH generally from the SW  
Schooled:  toeside to heelside ollies

LSC Buoy data

MB 11/8/14 tracks

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 58 0f the 2014 season: Election Day 2014 - And the results are in

Thought we were skunked but the switch was finally turned on for good at 1:00 and it got better from that point on .
Unlike several other teasers earlier in the day this one was the real deal.
I finally got on the water by 1:30 and lasted to 4:30 with half the time being at the fringe of overpowered. Enjoyed the time on the water with air ollies, toeside riding and downwind carving. Never trusting the wind enough to go downwind of the launch.
Good crowd on hand for such a cold, ugly day - it's the wind and nothing else.
12-16 Kiters and 5-8 Windsurfers.

Highlight of the day: Good chop for my small jumps and ollies
TOW:   nearly 3 hours
Gear:  11M kite, (9M would have worked) and 140 board 
Water Conditions: Normal LSC chop with the occasional well formed swell
Weather:  Cloudy, lite rain, 50-55 degrees and dropping
Wind:    SW to SSW when it got serious SSW was the direction
Schooled: 180 air ollies, heel side to toe side

LSC Buoy Data 11-4-14