Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 54 of thre 2015 season: Harsens again - Identical to yesterday, A cannot miss day

Another decent day almost identical to yesterday. Unstable winds to start the day, developing into a steady lite wind and then eventually settleing down to decent 11/140 conditions.
Today I tried Brian's GLK 2015 Ocean Rodeo 17 M flite kite and was impressed by it's flying abilities. The kite didn't feel like a big kite, lightest of bar pressure, quicker then expected pivots, short bar throw, the slightest bar movements caused a precise kite movement. Great for doing downwind carving. Great upwind and downwind performer. I used it while others were on 12 M kites and still felt comfortable with it. I didn't vary from the fully depowered mode the entire time, plenty of power.
I liked the 17M OR but not sure I would purchase it. Maybe a 15M would work better for me on lighter days.
Après ski again with Jerry and Craig this time at the Schoolhouse Grille.

17M Ocean Rodeo Flite Kite

Ocean Rodeo's Mako Duke Board

TOW:  4:00 - 7:30
Gear:   Again demoed the Mako Duke directional board and the Ocean Rodeo 17M flite.
Once the wind picked up I got down to the default 11M and 140 board.
Water Conditions:  Warm, normal chop
Weather:  A delightful mid-80s and sunny
Wind: 10-25 from west mainly
Highlight:   Demo of a 17 M Ocean Rodeo Flite
Schooled:  Big kite riding and Directional board heel and toe-side

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 53 of the 2015 season: Harsens turns on - with once or twice a year conditions (Hot and Windy)

A beauty of a day, hot, windy, sunny and great kiting at Harsens.
Wind was unsteady until around 2 but since it was so hot out I gave it a try. A good time to try Brian's demo Mako Duke direction board. A new experience for sure, using some different leg muscles and stance techniques. Took a few tacks heel side to toe side and it made me feel like a beginner, it's definitely something within my learning capabilities.
Came in took a break and Bob offered me his 17M 5 strut core lite wind kite. It worked good in the lite winds handle and felt like a much smaller kite. I was fully depowered the entire half hour demo and finally scary over powered. Over all not bad for a big kite although the wind range seemed small and the bar had a lot of throw. Then it was back on the 11 for the remainder of the day.
Beers and a meal with Craig and Chris to finish up the fantastic day.
Driving home from the island it was still 83 degrees out. I had Radio Margueriteville playing Jimmy Buffet tunes all the way home a fitting end to a long enjoyable day

TOW:  2:00 - 8:00
Gear:   Demoed the Mako Duke directional board and tried Bob's
17 Core  LW kite (light wind, 5 struts). Once the wind picked up I got down to the default
11M and 140 board
Water Conditions:  Warm, normal small chop
Weather:  A delightful mid-80s and sunny
Wind: 10-25 from west mainly
Highlight:   Trying some new gear, one trip to the slick
Schooled:   Mako Duke direction board

Craig, Chris, Tom enjoying beers and dinner  

Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 52 of the 2015 season: Metro Beach cooks one up

Mako family, Devin's King, Chris's Duke and Tom's 140 twin tip

Friday July 17 - It's been windy all morning at Metro Beach but the rain kept me home. After the rain stopped and radar cleared I headed out. A few kiters were already on the water with big kite gear.
I headed to the beach to rig my 11 M and launching by noon.
Kited in south winds 15-20 mph. Nothing special, some good chop hops, a mid air transition,  small boosts and plenty of air 180 ollies.

TOW:  12:00 - 2:30 session
Gear:   Kite - 11M  140 board
Water Conditions:  Ideal wind and chop direction for chop hoping 
Weather:  Sunny 80s
Wind: Mainly south winds 15-20 mph
Highlight:   Getting out on a hot day
Schooled:   Mid-air transition

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 51 of the 2015 season: Port Sanilac to Lexington Epic Downwinder

This image says it all

TOW:  Downwinder 11:30-1:30, freeriding at Lexington 2:30-4:30
Gear:   Kite - 11M 140 board
Water Conditions:  Huron 2-6 footers
Weather:  Sunny bluebird day  60 degrees
Wind: Mainly NE 20 plus
Highlight: Downwinder in Huron swells, with Chris and Craig
Schooled:   Carving in the waves and flat water skiing at the breakwall

The Scraggerler's - refueling at Uri's Landing
Chris, Craig, Debbie, Larry, Jerry Paul, Marley, and Tom

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 50 of the 2015 season: Another Lucky Harsens Island Tuesday

Went with the forecast again - this time it required a waiting period before I got lucky.
Arriving at Harsens by 3:30 with rain and calm winds. Waited until the rain stopped and the wind turned on. Rigged up the 11M kite and went out for 4 short tacks until the wind died. Again waited and as the rain fell the wind picked up so a quick launch and another few tacks and then back in again. Waited - and finally it picked up so I help launch Dave and then launched myself.
And again the wind fizzled Dave called it a day and I waited - finally at 7 the wind came in for good. Got out and kited for an hour of short tacks due to low confidence in the wind. Some good jumps with the chop lining up and good lofty winds up high.
I wasn't to keen on kiting alone so I played it safe and called it a day soon after Dave left.

TOW:  7:00-8:00 session
Gear:   Kite - 11M  150/140 board
Water Conditions:  small chop
Weather:  cloudy, drizzle, rain  60 degrees
Wind: marginal with gusts that kept it interesting - NE to 25mph
Highlight: getting lucky with the forecast again
Schooled:   boosting jumps

Calmness in the storms

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 49 of the 2015 season: Harsens Island Kiting - 100% trust in the forecasts for this session

Fun session getting together with some of the Metro Beach Originals.
Left the house after the front past, with minium wind blowing and taking a chance. One hundred percent trust in the wind forecast on this one. Wind Alert indicating a few hours of post-frontal kitable northwesterly's should be occurring from 5 on.
Arrived around 5 with NE winds blowing and a heavy drizzle falling - it looked and felt kitable. So I quickly rigged the 11M in the flooded rigging area. Craig launched me and for the next 2 hours I had a non-stop marginal session with some higher gusts that keep it interesting. An odd direction for the wind it seemed to be coming right down the bay from the NE - not use to this direction here. Craig, John and I made it work. Although no trips to the middle channel slick due to the wind direction.
Après-kite dinner at the local restaurant School House Grill - I highly recommend this place - good menu items and a good beer selection.

TOW:  5:30 - 7:30 session
Gear:   11M  150/140 board
Water Conditions:  small chop
Weather:  thick clouds, drizzle,  60degrees
Wind: Marginal with gusts to 25 from NE
Highlight: getting lucky with the forecast
Schooled:   goofy foot toeside, needs work