Monday, September 16, 2013

Lexington for the early birds

Day 31 of the 2013 season
Lexington 9/16/2013 Monday

Again the forecast look promising. I arrived to lite winds on the inside and the local flag swapping directions from NNW to NE.
Jerry was out on a 6.0 so a 5.5 should be sufficient for me, rigged it with my 100 liter board and headed out. Lite winds on the inside but once past the jetty the gusty winds picked up from the north. Although not steady but at least planning. Some nice jumping swell on the way out and then some nice smooth swell on the way in. 
Came in took a break, got warmed up and then went out on my smaller gear 5.0 with the 85 board,  this is my favorite setup for big lake sailing.
Wind on the water lightened up around 3-3:30 so that was it for windsurfing, Others kited, I couldn't get rid of my shivers so I called it a day.
Highlight of the day  - smooth rollers near the jetty.

 Sail Time:  Lexington, 11:30 - 4:00. 3.5 hours of sailing
Windsurf Gear: 5.5 with 100 liter RRD and 5.0 with 85 liter
Conditions:  Swirly inside conditions, decent 5.5/5.0 conditions on the outside with fun swell to jump and smooth waves on the ride in.
Weather:  P/Cloudy, air 50s water 70s
Wind: N-NW to 5-30 mph
Schooled:  Fun riding the swell

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lexington / Blue Lagoon Marginal sessions

Lexington / Blue Lagoon Marginal sessions: Day 30
Day 30 of the 2013 season
Lexington/Blue Lagoon 9/13/2013 Friday

The forecast promised big winds I even packed my 3.5 sail expecting an epic fall classis nor'easter. Well it didn't quite go as planned. Arrived at Lexington by 11:00 in a rain squall which appeared to kill what lite winds there were. Chris already arrived early for dawn patrol,  he was rigged and has been playing the waiting game all morning. Jerry was on a 6.0 catching the NW offshore winds a half mile out and doing well.
Waited out the rain along with several others. Finally the rains moved out of the area with a few promising north wind puffs appearing. Anxious, Chris took off on his 85 liter 5.4 sail and put on a show which got everyone stoked I quickly rigged my 5.0. As I rigged Chris was still ripping it up with the exception of a few lulls on the inside...hmm not a problem I take out my bigger board.
Got on the water and slogged out in slightly side off, swirly inside winds. Once out the wind was obviously side off, but not bad the further out the steadier it was.
Had at least an hours worth of decent in and out sailing with nice jumping swell heading out and smooth swell on the rides in.
After an hour or so the winds lightened up which made getting in difficult at one point. I couldn't water start so I had to pull on the up-haul line to get the sail up, (felt and looked like a beginner, thanks Craig). Finally slogged in downwind and made a short walk of "had no choice" shame.
Day over at Lexington, I wasn't going to do that again so I decided to head to Blue Lagoon.
Millard bailed out of Lexington earlier and headed down to BL. His message from BL was good, he was rigging a 5.0. So I headed down to BL got there about 4:30 rigged the 5.0 during a 5 minute continuous gust. On the water by 5:00 having a decent session with 5-25 mph N-NW winds. It actually felt good to be on some flat water a chance to renew my old school freestyle favorites.
Looking back I actually had a nice wave sailing session although short and then topped it off with some flat water jamming. Definitely a counter...

Sail Time:  Lexington, 1:00 - 2:30. BL 5:00 - 6:30
Windsurf Gear: 5.0 with 100 liter RRD
Conditions:  Lexington, Side off swirly inside conditions, decent 5.0 conditions outside with fun swell to jump and smooth waves on the ride in.
Weather:  Cloudy, air 50s water 70s
Wind: N-NW to 5-25 mph
Schooled:  Lexington welcome back to jumping and BL Flat water old school

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hot and Ready - Day 29 of 2013

Metro Beach typical gusty WSW with 95 degrees
Day 29 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach 9/10/2013 Tuesday
After a dismal 3 weeks in Empire with 4 forecasted promises that never materialized and only 2
sessions that did materialized...... Finally back home to score a marginal session at best.
Kiting with the new 11 meter and topping it off with a 5.5 flat water session.
Yes - kiting with a  bigger kite made it much easier especially with the gusty conditions. Good progress on learning the kite game.
And nothing wrong with a flat water session to boost the windsurfer ego.
A marathon 8 hour water session with a 95 degree hot and sunny day.
Kite Time: 11:00 - 2:00
Kite Gear: 11 meter Z kite with the 150 twin tip
Sail Time: 3:00 - 7:00
Windsurf Gear: 5.5 with 100 liter RRD
Conditions:  Easy flat water kiting/sailing conditions
Weather:  Sunny, hot Air 90s water 70s (shorty)
Wind: WSW to 5-25 mph
Schooled: Basic kiting skills and the full bag of tricks with the windsurfing skills