Saturday, July 21, 2018

Session 45 of the 2018 season: Solid, fun,11M Naish kite session

Gear:  11M Naish Pivot kite with TT board  
TOB:    Early morning session non-stop from 8:00-11:00
Winds:   Another odd and rare day with SE winds12-25 mph
Weather:  Mid-70s, lite rain practically the entire 3 hour session  
Surface conditions:  Small SE swell, nothing organized

Highlights: Another fun non-stop session with SE winds 12-25 mph.
A solid 11 meter day with TT board.
Again a rare direction for the wind ESE-SE, 12-24 mph.
Practically misting, drizzling or raining during the the whole time.
Us early birds got the best of the day’s wind.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Session 44 of the 2018 season: Oddly, my first 2018 session at Metrobeach

July 20th, my first water kite session of this season for Metrobeach - an odd year
A late evening session with rare but steady ESE winds.

Gear:  13M Z kite with TT board  
TOB:    5:00-7:00 pm, late evening session
Winds:   odd and rare  ESE winds 10-20 mph
Weather:  Near 80, partly sunny with water temp in the mid 70s   
Surface conditions:  Small SE swell, nothing organized
Highlights: A fun non-stop session with rare ESE winds 10-20 mph. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Session 43 of the 2018 season: Kettle Point - first time in years and first time kiting at "KP"

Gear:   13M Z kite TT and Surf board.
TOB:   1st session; lite winds. 2nd session; better,but marginal winds, 3rd session; the wind finally woke up and I had a good 1.5 hours of carving up the waves, good productive session on the surf board and eventually back on the TT.
Winds:  north to northeast nearly on shore 12-30 mph.
Weather:  bluebird skies and mid-70s.  
Surface conditions: flat to small waves to start, with 3-4 foot waves building near the end as winds increased.

Highlights: Fun day with Keith, 12M and Cheryl, 10M. Nice venue, park and rig on the beach shallow water quite a ways out and nice breaking wavettes in the shallows. Quite the crowd and it wasn't even a crowded day. 
3 sessions from 1 o'clock to nearly 7 o'clock. By 7 I think I could of rigged my 9 but I was exhausted with being well powered on my 13M. 
About 15-25 kiters at the peak on the water making it crowded on the inside. Saw kite sizes from 9 to 17.

From 1 o'clock to 7 o'clock - 3 sessions

Monday, July 9, 2018

Session 42 of the 2018 season: Caseville the long drive paid dividends

Actually had more kite time then drive time

Gear:  Brand new from the box to the beach 2017 9M Naish Pivot kite with TT and Surfboard
TOB:  Marathon sessions, starting at 1:30 and ending near sunset
Winds:   12-25 SW 
Weather:  sunny mid-80s hot, hot, hot 
Surface conditions: from slicks to small swell

Highlights:  Marathon sessions; a beauty of a day for Kitesurfing Caseville beach.
From 1:30 till almost sunset with the new 11M Naish Pivot Kite, TT and surfboard.
Sunny, mid eighties, generally SW winds 12-25 mph. Good action at the slick with small swell to play on inside and outside. Well worth the 4 plus hours of drive time.
With Craig, Jerry, Doug and Jason.