Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Session 49 of the 2018 season: Tawas surprise!

Gear:  13M Z kite with surf board and TT
TOB:  5:00-8:00
Winds: Southern 12-20 mph 
Weather: Clear, hot, 80ish degrees
Surface:  Small breaking waves and "The Slick" 
Highlights: The wind forecast for Tawas wasn't spectacular.
As I was driving toward Empire, of course I had to monitor the wind speed at Tawas Point and sure enough 15-20 mph is what it was. Good enough for me and my 13M Z kite.
Ran into Jerry at the beach and enjoyed the next 3 hours of steady as Tawas can get with southern, warm winds. Watching Jerry do rolls, unhooked 360s, dark side slides and other unrecognizable stuff.
First 1.5 hour session I took out the surf board and beelined it to the point. 2nd session got on the TT board and headed back to the point.
An excellent evening kiting with the superstar Jerry, watching and learning his style.
Had a beer and pizza with Jerry and finally got to Empire by 1:30 am....a long enjoyable day.

35 Miles of tracks