Friday, December 27, 2019

Session 74 of the 2019 season: Final Kite session of 2019 - Carbon copy of many 13M sessions at Bahia Honda

10:37 AM on Friday, December 27, 2019 Bahia Honda with Robby from Radical Kite boarding OBX
Carbon copy of many 13M sessions.
Sunny, near 80 degrees, winds side on, ESE 12-25 mph.
Kited with only one other, Robby from Ohio. He teaches kite boarding in OBX during the warm months.
Smaller breakers today, knee high if that.
Just another amazing day in paradise.
Kitesurfing, in warm water, easy pleasy kite conditions.
Used the surfboard, catching too many weeds. Had to resort the TT.

Gear:  13M Z-kite and surfboard to TT
Weather:  80s, sunny
Winds: ESE side on 12-25 mph 
TOW: 2:00 hours