Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Session 38 of the 2019 season: Kitesurfing with waves at Pointe Betsie

11:38 AM on Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Kitesurfing with waves at Pointe Betsie
Finally had a near epic play day with Lake Michigan. Kitesurfing with the 11M and TT.
Carving, slicing and dicing the inside mostly clean waves.
75 degrees, pure Michigan sun and winds south 15-25 mph.
Jud, Rick, Johnny Stormcloud and a few others, 6 kiters total.

Point Betsie Beach, Surprisingly better then last year at this time.

Gear:    11M kite with TT board
TOB:    11:30-1:00
Wind:    South 15-25mph
Weather:   100% sunny, air temp mid-70s, water temp mid-60s
Surface:  2-4 foot outside swells, some clean waves inside