Saturday, September 21, 2019

Session 50 of the 2019 season: Frankfort as it should be

Finally got a decent session at FF. Although a quickie

Rigged at 3 o'clock, launched by 4 o'clock, with solid 11M conditions.
Finally had a good session in the waves, cleaned up and well spaced on the inside with decent wind to carve up a few head high waves. 
After a few carves I decided to head over to the harbor. Found nice slicks to play in and the boosting was monster sized. Before I knew it I was totally depowered - wind had picked up to 30 plus.
I headed back to the open water and ended up on the inside carving up some of the best Lake Michigan can offer. By then it was raining lightly and I was in full depower mode and I was a little concerned. Headed in to land the kite and maybe rig the 9M. Since it was raining and I already had one kite wet and sandy I decided to call it a day. Although it was brief It was one of the better days in carve mode.
SSW winds to 35 mph, slick was nice, inside waves up to head high.
Cloudy, sprinkles and mid 70s.
A short one hour session.