Friday, August 31, 2012

Something to write home about

Metro Beach , Friday 8/31/12

Finally a write home about session 95 degrees hot and sunny and marginal winds well at least enough to barrel through the weed beds. Flat water hero stuff inside of the weed beds and small chop on the outside.
Only second session of August.
After several failed attempts to fill in some blog space this month there has been nothing, nothing to write home about.
Most of the regulars were there about 6 windsurfers and a few kiters.

Sail Time: 1.0  hours from 3:00 - 6:00
Gear: 6.0 sail 101 liter RRD.
Conditions: Side shore to side off , winds of 5-25.
Weather: Air mid-90s, Bluebird, water mid-70s.
Wind:  SW - W winds 
Schooled: Lot's of hero stuff. Worked on the push tack, needs more work to pull it off.
Images: Typical wind data of the day.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Double Header MB and BL

8/5/12 Sunday

Thursday and Friday's forecast promised big winds all over the place for the up coming weekend.
But as we often know early forecasts change and usually not in our favor.
On Sunday by 11:00 I was rigging a 6.0 at MB with SW caps appearing all over the place. A few minutes later fully rigged and on the water it died out, squally winds I'm guessing.
So went back in waited it out for awhile and by 12:00 it perked up directly from the west. Went out and had some fantastic runs in the overpowered 6.0 conditions. The flat water in the small bay was the flatest I've ever sailed in so being overpowered was a fun thing. I was able to produced some long wide drawn out fully high speed planning hero ducks on the inside.
Sailed that way for an hour before the NW became the predominate wind direction.
Time to repack the gear and head to BL.
At Blue Lagoon by 2:45 where I found the crew fully engaged. I rigged the 5.5  and back on the water by 3:30 only to find wacky winds and chop. So many boaters partying -  their parked boats caused a wind shadow and the chop was horrible due to boats traveling in the water.
Finally about 5:00 it switch to a more solid NW, boats were leaving and the small swell and northwester wind became organized and steady. Almost perfect 5.5 until 8 pm when I had to drag myself off the water fully drain of energy.

Sail Time: 6.0  hours from 12:00 - 8:00
1 hour at MB and 5 hours at BL.
Gear: 6.0 at Metro Beach and 5.5 at Blue Lagoon with the 101 liter RRD.
Conditions: Side shore to side off at MB, winds of 5-30 the flatest I've ever sailed on at MB. At BL side to side on with flat on inside and slight chop on the outside.
Weather: Air mid-80s, Bluebird, water mid-70s.
Wind:  SW - NW winds 
Schooled: Plenty of hero ducks, downwind/upwind 360s. heli tacks, swell slashing.
Images: Typical wind data of the day, Lagoon scene late in the day.