Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 89 of the 2015 Season: HI 9M Z session

Cold start but toasty warm in my new boost suit, hood and gloves.  
Decent day with 9M winds, gusty with some lulls.
Good jumps a few good hard driving down wind carving runs.
Never gained confidence in the wind. Twice tried to head across to the slicks but both times wind lulled.
Started at 10:30 and kited until the wind got fluky and light.
Mark, His Son, Jeff, Bob and myself, a good turnout for a cold Friday.

Lot's of chop hoping and boosts

Gear:  9M Z / Mako 140
TOW:  1030 - 12:00
Water Conditions:  Flat to nice chop hops conditions
Weather:  Bluebird day 36-45 degrees
Wind:  WSW cranking at times with big holes, enough to drop the kite twice.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 88 of the 2015 season: The forecast promised 20-30 at Metro Beach

Forecast did not come through as predicted.
A short 9M session from 10:30 - 11:30 then an hour lull just to fill in again briefly from 12:30 -1:30. Most of the kiting time was spent at the beach area.
Good 9M while it lasted. Others on 15+ sizes had it better.

Gear:  9M kite with 140 TT                                                
TOW: 10:00-11:00 and 12:30-1:30
Water Conditions:  SE winds produced some nice swell
Weather:  Started with some sun then some thick overcast
Wind:  SE peaking near 30

Stacking the boards

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 87 of the 2015 season: Marginal Metrobeach Kite Session

Marginal session with a rare ESE wind.
Worked my way up to the beach and played there. That's where I found some nice swell to play in.
Was able to carve and toeside for he most part - not much else for excitement.

Gear:  11M Z kite and TT 140        
TOW:  12:30 - 2:00
Water Conditions:      
Weather:  mid 50s, partly sunny
Wind: ESE to 22

Ollie up

Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 86 of the 2015 season: Windsurfing Red Bull style at HI

At the top of my upper limits today. Took J.P.'s suggestion and rigged a 4.0, (he was on a 4.4). There is a reason I shouldn't take JP's advice, he is always on a 1.5 to 2 sail sizes higher then I use.
I started with 4.0 came back in after an hour and rigged the 3.5. Which worked good, steady riding winds on the upper fringe for me except when the 40mph plus gusts came across and made it a challenge.
Challenging rides into wind - fun rides off the wind. Seemed like every time crossing the bay the swell conditions changed. Never a slogging moment and that's on a 3.5 in Michigan
First time on my 4.0 and 3.5 sails locally in years.
Overall a decent extreme day with cold temperatures of 40-42 degrees and winds 25-40 mph. Saw some snowflakes on the rockin ferry boat ride across the channel.
JP 4.0/4.4 - Craig enjoyed the 4.0 conditions and Chris did a non-stop session on his new 7M Naish Pivot Kite.
Others on 5.5M to 7M kite sizes.

Gear:   4.0 - 3.5 Ezzy sails, 100 liter RRD board
TOW:  1:45 - 2:45/ 4.0 sail and then  3:15 - 5:00 /3.5 sail
Water Conditions:   Challenging rides into wind - fun rides off the wind. Seemed like every time crossing the bay the swell conditions changed. Never a slogging moment and that's on a 3.5 in Michigan
Weather:  40ish degrees/some sun
Wind:  up to 40 plus mph

Rockin on the ferry

Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 85 of the 2015 season: Harsens kick-ass, marathon, multi-sports water day

A Millard Berry Production

Mark is ecstatic
Started the day with the 5.0 Ezzy and the 100 liter board. At first it wasn't enough, the winds were not cooperating. So I came in and rigged the 11 M Z kite and of course the wind pick up while doing so. Anchored the kite down and went back out on the 5.0. Good solid 5.0 conditions for the next 2 hours. Played in the OBX style conditions with the best windsurfing conditions I've had this year locally for me by far. Paul and I headed up to the middle-channel slick and along the way I found plenty of flat water venues across the bay in amongst the weed beds. Better than OBX conditions, with the wind direction coming right down the shoot all the nooks and crannies were filled in. Once at the slick there were some river swells to play on. Enjoying the moments when suddenly the wind shut down. Yes it was a tough slog back. Trying to head downwind in light air was a workout but managed to get back with no harm done.
Now it's time to take the kite out, it's rigged and ready. Started out a little light for the kite, played near the launch for awhile to gain confidence in the wind. Saw Eddie and Craig heading upwind to the slick and decided to head there too. It was a struggle, winds weren't solid enough to beeline upwind so it took quick awhile and eventually I gave up as I lost confidence in the wind. Craig and Eddie were already heading back.  As I headed back out of nowhere the wind speed spiked up to well overpowered conditions. Full depowered mode and unable to let the bar all the way up because of the new harness I was trying. To much throw and at times the bar got away from me so I had to jump up to grab it before the kite started crashing/looping. So sat in the water for awhile hoping it would lighten up a bit and finally it did but still overpowered. Tried to head in to land the kite but decided it was to dangerous it was safer to stay on the water and kite. So that I did and eventually it lighten up to where it was safe to kite as I know it.

Gear:  5.0 sail/100 liter board and 11M kite with TT board
TOW: 12:30-3:00 WS and 3:30-5:30 kiting
Water Conditions:  Seemed like flat water after the last session at Metro Beach
Weather: Near 60 degrees, nearly a bluebird day
Wind:  Mainly WSW 15-25 MPH then WNW to 35
Highlights: a large contingent of WS 'ers and 20 or so kiters

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Day 84 of the 2015 season: Harsens lights up with a bright sunny day

A fun session, we headed across the bay to the leeward side of the grassy area for some flat water. Ripping up the flats there enjoying every moment when the wind speed starting getting light. So we headed back to the launch area thinking that was it for the day, but a slight shift to the west and we were back in the fun zone. Kited until 11:30 and had to quit and go to Amber's Birthday party.
The rest of the crowd, Keith, Bob, Craig, Doug and newbie enjoyed it after I left. Found my lost love in the Z kite. I used it for the first time in quite awhile. Compared to the Rally it's so much more of an aggressive kite. When you need the power it's there with one quick dive of the kite. The rally seems to be lacking the quickness in the power zone. Time to rethink about the rally kite.

Gear:  11M "Z" and TT
TOW: 9:45 - 11:30
Water Conditions:  Seemed like flat water after the last session at Metro Beach
Weather: Near 60 degrees, bluebird day
Wind:  Mainly WSW 15-25 MPH
Highlights: Sun, warmth, cleaner water, decent winds

Keith doing what he loves to do