Friday, September 28, 2018

Session 57 of the 2018 season: Caseville with a paced 2 session day

Gear: 11 M Pivot and TT 

TOB:   10:30-12:3 and 2:00-3:30

Winds:  SW-WSW-WNW-NW-WSW 15-30 mph 

Weather:   cloudy, rain, near 60 degrees  

Surface:  small swell and 1-3 footers in the shallows 

Highlights: Just some fun and the lulls dictated a rest period. 
Two sessions with 1 lull in between. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Session 56 of the 2018 season: Finally a session in September

Gear:  11M Naish and TT board
TOB:   4pm-6pm 
Winds:  ESE 15-30 mph 
Weather:  Rain, cloudy low-60s  
Surface:  1-2 foot swell
Highlights: An unusually day due to the rare wind direction, actually this year we've 
had several kitable east wind days. Found some of the best swell of the season offshore about a mile.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Session 55 of the 2018 season: Pinconning quickie, another flatwater session

A quick stop just off the freeway. I hit up Pinconning on the way home from Empire.
One hour plus session of adrenal boosting speed chop riding.
A fun flatwater session with plenty of boosting and water ski type carving. Love my new 9M Naish pivot kite.

Gear:  9M Naish and TT board
TOB:   4pm-5:15pm 
Winds:  ENE 15-30 mph 
Weather:  Sunny mid-60s  
Surface:  Slicks
Highlights: An easy pleasy flat water fun day

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Session 54 of the 2018 season: South Manitou Island kite day trip

Loading up the boat

Unloading at our destination

We launched from Empire beach in an offshore northeasterly wind. We took the 130 SS BostonWhaler

to Sleeping Bear point on the mainland and then aimed for the Manitou light on South Manitou Island. Crossing the notorious wreck littered Manitou passage with medium sized Lake Michigan swell. We made it easily to the south tip of the horseshoe shaped harbor. Then we spotted our goal at the northern end of the harbor. Gull Pointe, a perfect sand spit jutting from the island out into Lake Michigan, marking it the northern point of the harbor. Once arriving it looked very
Caribbeanish, sandy beaches and blue water.  Landing on the leeward side of the spit and emptying the boat of essential gear we then anchored the boat a few feet from shore.

Jerry rigged and rode his 12M Slingshot. At first the wind was light and eventually he had to be
picked up by the boat downwind.
I rigged and launched my 11M after rescuing Jerry. With caution I rode on the leeward slick. Wind seemed to be enough I worked my way to the windward side of the spit without a problem.
Ok, time to play in the slick with the occasional ride out into the open water. Told Jerry that the wind is up. Fun times playing in the slick boosting, jumping, carving, toeside, reverse toeside and olling 180s.  Jerry came out and did his thing with all kind of maneuvers, unhooked, rolls, big boosts with twisting and rolling....all kind of cable park moves.
Overall a fun no surprises trip to the South Manitou Island.
Got back at dusk and had dinner waiting for us. Compliments of my young energetic wife, Joyce.

Gear:  11M Naish and TT board
TOB:   2:00-5:00
Winds:  NE 10-20 mph 
Weather:  Sunny mid-60s  
Surface:  Slicks
Highlights: Boat trip out to South Manitou Island, Gull Pointe 
North Manitou light in the background

Windward side of Gull Point with Pyramid Point in the background 

South Manitou Island

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Session 53 of the 2018 season: Empire Beach - as gnarly as it gets

Gear: 9M Naish with TT
TOB:  8:30-10:00
Winds:  Gnarly SSW 15-40 mph
Weather: Very warm morning, 80 degrees with a cold front barreling in 
Surface:  Gnarly, gnarly and more gnarly
Highlights: Glad to make it back to the beach for a safe landing.

What else should you be doing on an 80 degree, windy morning at Empire Beach. With severe weather warnings posted.
Had to get out before all the serious stuff started up.
On the water it was a rodeo with gusty 15-40 mph from the SSW. Used my 9M and TT board.
Survival kiting and gnarly are two good words to describe today. Either to much or not enough. Couldn’t ride the inside breakers, gusty and the outside was so disorganized. Finally ended it when the rain came. 

Empire Chamber of Commerce Video

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Session 52 of the 2018 season: Pt Betsie like no place else

Gear: 11M Naish with TT
TOB:  1:30-3:30
Winds:  Gnarly SSW 15-40 mph
Weather: 80 degrees, sunny  
Surface:  Started as small swell building as the day progressed
Highlights: While all other sites had 10-15 mph winds Pt Betsie had enough for a easy 11M session.
Pt Betsie session on the 11M with TT board.
Sunny, 80 degrees with SSW winds to 25 mph.
Solid wind, with a slow steady increase in the wind.
Fun day using 20 meter lines on new bar.
2 other kiters, one on a 12 another on a 9 with a foil board.