Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Session 30 of the 2018 season: First local session for the season at HI

First local session of the season.
It started out with the first half hour producing steady NNW winds in the 20-25 mph range.
Then it starting to dwindle down with holes and light gusts. Craig and I tried but the conditions wouldn't cooperate. After mowing and hoping for the wind to pick up we came in and called it a day.
Keith got the earlier winds which were much better than what we had.
Nothing exciting other than we were on the water.

TOB:  2:30-3:45
Gear:  11M Z1 and TT  
Surface conditions:  small chop 
Wind: 10-25  
Weather: cloudy, cold, 48 degrees, general ugliness.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Session 29 of the 2018 season: Morning and afternoon 7M kite sessions

Highlights: The relentless winds keep on coming. Looking too windy for my 7M I watched as others rigged and flew their 6, 7, and 8 meters. Finally deciding to rig the standard for the week my 7M. Got out for one hour of riding in the morning session and one hour for the afternoon session.
Afternoon session ended early due to this roll cloud rolling in and killing the wind.

TOB: 11:00-12:00 first session and 
Gear:  7M Naish and TT board
Surface conditions:  Almost onshore with some nice playful swells
Wind: 25-35 mph  SW 
Weather: mid-60s and sunny

One of the best OBX trips ever and that's through-out 23 years of trips.
First year at the new Avon house "Blown Away" a nice sound side location with sandy beaches.

Date: Gear:
4/2: 13M and 5.0
4/3: 11M 9M
4/4: 7M
4/5: no wind
4/6: 9M 7M DW
4/7: 7M
4/8: 7M
4/9: 9M
4/10: 7M and 5.0
4/11: 11M
4/12: 13M
4/13: 7M
4/14: 7M 9M pivot
4/15: 7M and 5.0
4/16: 7M
4/17: 5.0 sail and 7M kite
4/18: race day 5.7sail, 1sy and only race 119th, overall 179th
4/19 two 7M sessions
4/20 9M morning session

11 days with 7M.
18 out of 19 days on the water.

One no wind day on 4/5.
More wetsuit days then drysuit days.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Session 28 of the 2018 season: The Biggest Windsurfing event in North America

Race Day video

Highlights: The Biggest Windsurfing event in North America.
A 12 mile figure eight race, 3 miles out and 3 miles back, 2 laps.  

TOB:   5:30-6:30
Gear:  5.7 Ezzy wave sail and FSW RRD 100 liter board
Surface conditions:  Typical OBX
Wind:  10-25 mph SW
Weather: nearing 60 and sunny

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Session 27 of the 2018 season: Morning session windsurfing afternoon session kiteboarding

Highlights:  Morning session windsurfing afternoon session kiteboarding.
Morning windsurf session with 5.0 sail and 100 liter board.
Fun session, had some old fashion drag racing going on with Chuck.
50 degrees and sunny, WSW winds 10-30 mph
Afternoon kite session with 7.0 meter and TT.
Wind speed bumped up a bit, good enough for an hour session before wind backed off.
WSW 20-30 mph sunny mid-50s

TOB:   11:00-12:00 windsurfing 3:00-4:00 kitesurfing
Gear:  5.0 sail with 100 liter board and 7.0M kite with TT
Surface conditions:  almost onshore with nice swell on the outside and shallow flat water south of us.
Wind:  10-35 mph SW
Weather: sunny mid-50s

Monday, April 16, 2018

Session 26 of the 2018 season: Wind speeds drop enough to rig the 7M

Highlights: Wind speeds dropped enough to rig the 7M kite in the afternoon. Chuck on a 4.0 sail was an indication of too much wind for me to WS. (smallest sail 4.5)
An interesting day with the wind direction showing more west and practically onshore. Swells were organized and fun to play in. Jumping off the swell added a new dimension, (height) to the fun factor.
Also more reverse toeside practice, so much weaker going on the opposite side.

TOB:   3:00-4:30 1.5 hours
Gear:  7M Nish Pivot and TT
Surface conditions:  Swells galore
Wind: SW 20-30 mph 
Weather: Sunny temperatures in the lower sixties

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Session 25 of the 2018 season: A 2 session kite day and a quicky WS session

Highlights:  Two 7M kite sessions and one 5.0 WS session.
Fun day powered up on my 7M kite and overpowered on the 5.0M sail.
Plenty of reversed toeside riding. Some nice tight swell riding on the outside and slicks on the inside.
WS was overpowered but I managed quit of few nice runs out to the swell area. Nice smooth jibes both inside and outside, feel good session, although short in time.

TOB:  Sessioned from 2pm to sunset Kite, WS and finished off with kite
Gear:    7M Kite with TT and 5.0 Ezzy with 100 liter board
Surface conditions:  Wavy further out and typical sound side on the inside
Wind:   15-30 mph from the SW
Weather: Near 80 degrees, mostly sunny

7M Kite being sandblasted during a break

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Session 24 of the of the 2018 season: Some new gear to try out

Highlights: Another summer like day with a new toy to try out. Almost didn't get the chance to try my new 2018 9M Naish Pivot kite. When I arrived back at Blown Away it was already blowing 7M. So I rigged the 7 and rode for 2 hours. By 6 pm the wind lightened a tad so I decided to rig the new 9M. Rigged it up and gave it a whorl, reacted nice quick turning, jumping was lofty. good power when turning the kite, overall a good reaction was had.
Did a lot of reverse side toeside, some very successful reverse carving and some lofty jumps with both Naish kites the 7 and new 9.

A new Naish 9M Pivot

TOB:  4:00-6:00 with 7M and 6:00-7:30 with 9M 
Gear: 7M Naish and 9M Naish with TT  
Surface conditions:  Typical sound side 
Wind:  15-30 mph SW 
Weather: Summer like 80 degrees and sunny

Friday, April 13, 2018

Session 23 of the 2018: A surprising 7M day

Highlights:  A 7M day, once I found my 9M wouldn't hold air I had to rig the 7M.
Very surprising results with the small kite, others were on 9M and my 7M worked as good as my 9 would have. Up winded nearly to the Canadian Hole, where I found lighter winds  then downwinded back to the launch site. Great day with floaty jumps and opposite side toeside.
Couldn't quit make the sunset session as the wind got lighter.

TOB:   1:30-3:00 and 5:30-6:30       
Gear:  7M all day with TT
Surface conditions:  Typical sound side with SW winds 
Wind: 15-30 mph sometimes gusty
Weather: summerlike 70 degrees

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Session 22 of the 2018 season: Sunset session at Avon

Highlights: A failed afternoon attempt with the 13M Z kite and surf board.
Luckily by 6 pm it picked up enough to get me on the water with my rigged 13M Z kite and TT. 
An overpowered 2 hour session with the 13, should of been on the 11M. Kited till after the sun set. 
TOB:  5:30-7:30 
Gear: 13M Z kite and TT
Surface conditions:   Typical sound side
Wind:  SW 15-25 mph
Weather: Sunny, near 60 degrees