Sunday, April 15, 2018

Session 25 of the 2018 season: A 2 session kite day and a quicky WS session

Highlights:  Two 7M kite sessions and one 5.0 WS session.
Fun day powered up on my 7M kite and overpowered on the 5.0M sail.
Plenty of reversed toeside riding. Some nice tight swell riding on the outside and slicks on the inside.
WS was overpowered but I managed quit of few nice runs out to the swell area. Nice smooth jibes both inside and outside, feel good session, although short in time.

TOB:  Sessioned from 2pm to sunset Kite, WS and finished off with kite
Gear:    7M Kite with TT and 5.0 Ezzy with 100 liter board
Surface conditions:  Wavy further out and typical sound side on the inside
Wind:   15-30 mph from the SW
Weather: Near 80 degrees, mostly sunny

7M Kite being sandblasted during a break

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