Thursday, April 19, 2018

Session 29 of the 2018 season: Morning and afternoon 7M kite sessions

Highlights: The relentless winds keep on coming. Looking too windy for my 7M I watched as others rigged and flew their 6, 7, and 8 meters. Finally deciding to rig the standard for the week my 7M. Got out for one hour of riding in the morning session and one hour for the afternoon session.
Afternoon session ended early due to this roll cloud rolling in and killing the wind.

TOB: 11:00-12:00 first session and 
Gear:  7M Naish and TT board
Surface conditions:  Almost onshore with some nice playful swells
Wind: 25-35 mph  SW 
Weather: mid-60s and sunny

One of the best OBX trips ever and that's through-out 23 years of trips.
First year at the new Avon house "Blown Away" a nice sound side location with sandy beaches.

Date: Gear:
4/2: 13M and 5.0
4/3: 11M 9M
4/4: 7M
4/5: no wind
4/6: 9M 7M DW
4/7: 7M
4/8: 7M
4/9: 9M
4/10: 7M and 5.0
4/11: 11M
4/12: 13M
4/13: 7M
4/14: 7M 9M pivot
4/15: 7M and 5.0
4/16: 7M
4/17: 5.0 sail and 7M kite
4/18: race day 5.7sail, 1sy and only race 119th, overall 179th
4/19 two 7M sessions
4/20 9M morning session

11 days with 7M.
18 out of 19 days on the water.

One no wind day on 4/5.
More wetsuit days then drysuit days.

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