Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Session 27 of the 2018 season: Morning session windsurfing afternoon session kiteboarding

Highlights:  Morning session windsurfing afternoon session kiteboarding.
Morning windsurf session with 5.0 sail and 100 liter board.
Fun session, had some old fashion drag racing going on with Chuck.
50 degrees and sunny, WSW winds 10-30 mph
Afternoon kite session with 7.0 meter and TT.
Wind speed bumped up a bit, good enough for an hour session before wind backed off.
WSW 20-30 mph sunny mid-50s

TOB:   11:00-12:00 windsurfing 3:00-4:00 kitesurfing
Gear:  5.0 sail with 100 liter board and 7.0M kite with TT
Surface conditions:  almost onshore with nice swell on the outside and shallow flat water south of us.
Wind:  10-35 mph SW
Weather: sunny mid-50s

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