Sunday, January 20, 2019

Session 5 of the 2019 season: Whoa!....A 7 Meter kite session in Florida

With high end small craft warnings in place this day, a rarity for me in Florida. Cool temperatures, partly sunny skies and winds from the NW 20-35 mph. I rigged the 7M at the causeway and on the water by 1:30. Gusty conditions at times, a lot of kiters were boosting and then dropping like rocks including myself. I kited fairly conservative being too windy at times and than having to work the kite seconds later. Two hours of non-stop action until the wind got gustier and below my 7M threshold.
About a dozen kiters with kite sizes ranging from 7-10M sized kites.
I counted 6 Windsurfers with 4.5-5.0 sail sizes

Gear: 7M Naish with TT Mako board   
TOB:   1:30-3:30
Winds: 20-35 mph from the NW
Weather:  Partly sunny, mid-60s
Surface:  surprisingly, 2-4 foot chop

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Session 4 of the 2019 season: Sanibel Plaza, finally a powered up session on the 13

2:00-4:00 o'clock, 2 hour session. 
Sunny, mid-70s, SSE winds to 30mph. Shallow, flatwater venue.
Full throttle powered on my 13M, lofty conditions, mega air time today. 
Everything working at 100% fun day for all.
11-17M kites today. About 20 kiters and
6 Windsurfers.

Gear:  13M Z kite with TT  
TOB: 200-4:00    

Winds:  gradual build - SSE 12-30mph
Weather:  Sunny, mid-70s
Surface: A flat water venue inside with LSC chop on the outside of sandbar

Monday, January 14, 2019

Sesssion 3 of the 2019 season: Another minium 13M session at the causeway

For the most part a solid, minimum 13M session on the directional Mako board. 
Worked my way upwind and carved my way back.                        
The temperature was mid-70s and pure sun.
NW winds 12-20 mph.
Shallow, flat water venue
About 10 kiters and 15 WS through out the afternoon.  

Gear:   13M Z kite with Surf board
TOB:  2:00-4:30       

Winds: NW 12-20 mph
Weather:  Bluebird and mid-70s
Surface: basically shallow and flat

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Session 2 of the 2019 season: Another sunny and warm day on the causeway

That’s 2 in a row at the Sanibel Causeway.
Demoed a 13.5 core GTS kite, a 3 strut low aspect kite. Definitely my style kite, very similar to my 13Z with the exception of feeling smoother when cranking the turns.
(Because of pulley on the bridles?)
It has a good feel for wave carving and flat water carving. Also looks like 20 meter lines were on it. Will have to try 20m lines on my 13Z. (Maybe my next kite).
After demoing the GTS I rigged the 13Z with TT and direction board for another hour of riding.
Weather was sunny mid-70s and 12-25 mph NW winds. Fun day 😎

Sanibel sensor Jan 5, 2019

Gear:  Demoed a Core GTS 3 strut kite and then back on my 13M Z Kite and TT/Mako
TOB:  12:30 - 4:00,  with breaks       

Winds: Northwest breezes, on-shore 10-25mph   
Weather: Sunny, mid-70s
Surface: shallow, mainly flat water venue