Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Freeze

Friday 11/18/2011, Metro Beach

Arrived at 2:00 with an onshore south wind with a bit of west, already there were several windsurfers on the water with small gear.
I rigged the 5.0 and went out and quickly found I was way overpowered. Good steady, strong winds drove me back in to rig the 4.0 and to warm up. Rigged the 4.0 as the wind was upping it's anny. I spent some time warming the hands and headed back out with the 4.0. Still the wind was overpowering I knew I should had rigged the 3.5 but I held on and sailed the steady conditions for a half hour before the cold took it's toll on my hands - came in to warm up and maybe call it a day but once I got warmed I headed out for one more quickie half hour session in which frozen hands forced my in.
One thing good about Windsurfing, it gets the adrenalin flowing and all other aches and pains seem to subside but the cold hands remained cold with a numbing feeling to painful to enjoy for me.
It was the coldest session of the season for me somewhat below my limit for coldness but still it beats the "Honey Due" list.

I know the season's last dance is near. It's been a great season with 39 sessions. I enjoyed every tack, wave, swell, jibe, jump, attempted new moves with the resulting crash and every aspect of the sport in this my 22nd season of windsurfing.
Also I am really thankful for all the enjoyable people involved in this great addiction of ours. Looking forward to next year with a newer 84-85 liter board.

Session: 1 hour of time on the water between 2:30 and 5:00.
Gear: 5.0, 4.0 Ezzys, 84 liter JP.
Conditions: Strong Steady onshore winds with small Lake Huron style swell.
Weather: Air 40's, partly cloudy, water 45 degrees.
Wind: S-SW up to 40 estimated.
Schooled: Staying warm.
Images: Metro Beach Weathertalker Data and Iwindsurf GPYC Data

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Michigan River Sailing At It's Best

Sunday 11/13/2011, Marysville, Michigan, St Clair River

River sailing at it's best in Michigan.
When I arrived on site at 10:00, Chris was on the water ripping and looking good with his 4.7.
With a warm south wind blowing directly up the river and the river current heading into the wind the resulting swell is a rarity that is available only once or twice a year for me.
I decided to rig my 4.5 with the 84 JP, got on the water and had a decent session with overpowering gusts now and then. After about an hour the wind gusts notched up a tad so I came in and rigged the 4.0 it worked decently for about an hour when the wind dropped off considerably. I came in and rigged the 5.0 and back on the water in 10 minutes with the best non-stop session of the day the rangier 5.0 handled the lulls so much better than the smaller 4.0. Sailed the 5.0 until the wind notched up so got back on the rigged 4.0 and gave one more tired try but with gusty conditions I decided to call it a day.
Sailors were doing the rigging dance with a lot of variable conditions, sail sizes ranged from Jeanne’s 3.5 to Jerry's 7.0.
Another fantastic late fall session with 60 degrees air temperature and water temperature at least 50 degrees, very comfortable conditions for this time of year.

MB's "Riding the River" some of the Marysville action.

Session: 11:00 – 4:00
Gear: 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 Ezzys, 84 liter JP.
Conditions: River sailing in Michigan South winds right up the river with decent swells.
Weather: Air in the lower 60s mostly light overcast, water 50 degrees.
Wind: South up to 35 mph.
Schooled: Playing in swell and jibing on perfectly flat water on each side of the river.
Image: A happy camper, St Clair AP data, Freighter heading up.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Bonus

Wednesday 11/9/2011, Metro Beach

Arrived onsite at 2:00 with an onshore wind, already there were several windsurfers on the water all with 5.5 to 6.0s.
Kind of strange such big sails for the wind at hand. Lesson 1: Onshore winds always look and feel windier.
I figured a 5.5 would work for me so I rigged the 5.5 Ezzy with the 101 RRD and went out for a spin. Good consistent wind kept me planning decently for about 45 minutes. At that time the wind picked up a notch and I felt the 5.0 and 84 liter kit would work. So I came in and changed kits the 5.0 combo was slightly marginal at first but I had a feeling the wind would increase.
As a big black cloud came in from the south it made for a dramatic sunset. At the same time the winds steadily increased to perfect 5.0 conditions and I was finally able to make it to the outside. The low sun produced a beautiful color and as the water spray blew up it the air beautiful rainbows formed all around me.
Wind steadily increased and I sailed as long as I could see. A post sunset cruise with the sun way below the horizon by the time I got off the water.
Luckily I came in when I did the wind ramped up quickly with the Weather Talker reporting gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour soon after 6:00 pm.
A fantastic late fall or early winter session with 60 degrees air and water at least 50 degrees very comfortable conditions for November.

Session: 2:30 – 5:45
Gear: 5.5 Ezzy, 101 RRD and 5.0 Ezzy Free Wave, 84 liter JP.
Conditions: Onshore winds with small organized swell.
Weather: Air 60 degrees, partly cloudy, water 50 degrees.
Wind: S-SW up to 30 estimated.
Schooled: Playing in and out of the tiny somewhat organized swell.
Image: Gear for the day and Metro Beach Weather Talker Data.