Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 38 of th 2017 season: Metro Beach with an unexpected morning kite session

A warm morning with a warm breeze, didn't expect this to happen.
I had a window until 11:30 so I quickly got up ate breakfast and headed to the beach.
Got there and sent out a text to the usual crew that I was rigging my 9M Z kite with my TT board. Launched at 9 and had a non-stop ride till 11:30, some gusty conditions but nevertheless  it was mucho fun and mucho needed.

TOB:  9:00 - 11:30
Gear:  9M Z and TT
Water conditions:  SSW swell 1-3 feet
Wind:  SSW-SW20-35
Weather: mostly cloudy with a wind ending shower around 11:15
Highlights: Toeside 180 ollies back to heelside - perfect chop conditions for this move

Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 37 of the 2017 season: Finally Harsens Island, right place at the right time

Finally after a long drought of missed kiting/WS opportunities, skunkings and wrong places at the wrong time, I got to the right place at the right time. Harsens Island almost at its best, 15-30 mph west winds with a few short lived lulls, not enough lull to get me off the water.
One trip upwind to the slicks near the grassy area was fun and the rest of the time entertaining myself in front of the launch area.
Keith, Craig, Rick, Jeff and a few others, we all enjoyed a fantastic day on Harsens Island.

TOB:   2:30 - 6:00 non-stop session
Gear:  11M Z1 and TT
Water conditions:  Typical Harsens, some small swell to slash and nice ramps for some air chop hops.
Wind:  15-30 generally from the west
Weather: mostly sunny mid-60s, some rain squalls nearby
Highlights:  jumps, carving, practicing toeside to heel side 180s and exciting times after nearly 2 weeks of misses

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 36 of the 2017 season: Milner Beach Kite session

Not enough to windsurf but just enough to kite with the 13M Z kite and the directional board.
With the deep water and the swells bouncing off the seawalls. Constant horrific voodoo chop was present a half mile from shore.

TOB:    2:30 - 5:30
Gear:   13M Z and Mako Duke directional
Water conditions:   Voodoo chop, cannot say anything nice about the water conditions
Wind:  side on shore NE 12-20 mph
Highlights:  Just an easy pleasy hot summer day with enough of a breeze to make the 13M and directional board work. Mainly mowing but it was easy to get upwind then I could do some light downwind carving.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 35 of the 2017 season: Point Betsy is on again while others are lite

Pt Betsy wins again, it was the only place that was windy enough to go out. Frankfort reported 10-15, Empire was 10-15 and Esch beach was lighter yet. So that's twice now that Pt Betsy was solid 11M while other beaches were 15 mph or less.
The one thing about Pt Betsy is the south winds seem to be a little bit side off and the way the pointe shoreline wraps around and the current flows it could present s hazard if something was to break down.
Although another quickie session due to a lightning storm heading toward land. As much of a wind drought its been lately it felt good

TOB:    2:30 - 3:30 cut short due to storms in the area
Gear:   11M Z1 and Mako TT 
Water conditions:   Some nice side on swell
Weather:    mid-70s and hazy with T-storm warnings
Wind:  side shore 15-30 mph
Highlights:  Nice wave carving conditions on the inside, very lofty conditions, I got some nice long hang time, floating jumps

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 34 of the 2017 season: Notorious Pt Bestie launch is tamed down for now

Notorious Pt Bestie launch is tamed down for now. Bigger beaches and easier launching compared to the past two years. Hope it stays this way.

Damn cold water and air...nice but shorty session.

   5;00 - 6:00 quickie session
Gear:    11M Z1 and TT
Water Conditions:  small side shore swell
Weather:   sunny, very cold water and air, low -50s 
Wind:  solid side shore 15-25
Highlights: unsuspecting session, turned out good except very cold.