Friday, September 8, 2017

Day 53 of the 2017 season: Lexington forecast that was spot on

An afternoon forecast that was spot on, the exception was the winds were higher then forecasted.
It turned on at 2 and lasted until 6 when some NW appeared making the inside difficult to ride.
Small swell on south side inside, not much to play on. The slick was awesome. The better swell was on the inside north of harbor.
First drysuit session of the fall. Craig on a 9M, Jerry on a 12M and me on my 11M.

TOB: 3:00-6:00
Gear: 11M Z1 and TT
Water conditions: Slick was smooth, jetty point with smaller then usually waves, bigger waves on the other side and the outside although not very clean
Wind: 20-30 from the NNE
Weather:  mostly sunny low sixties
Highlights: Excellent session and it went according to the forecast.
Great boosting, great slick action.
Liked my new Naish TT board bindings, tighter fit then the previous original OR bindings.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Day 52 of the 2017 season: Metrobeach's Labor Day Holiday is near epic

A near Epic day at the local spot with 20-30 kiters and 6-8 windsurfers enjoying the pre-frontal steady winds and warm temperatures.
I got 3 sessions out of it, from  9:30 - 10:30, noon to 2:30 and 3:30 - 4:45, from no depower to full depower. Went out at 9:30 until the wind lulled at 10:30. Waited around until noon and then it came on nice and solid.  From that point on he wind just kept ramping up. Took a break at 2:30 and rigged my 9M, by then most were on there 9Ms. Back at it by 3:30 and finally finishing fully depowered with storm clouds heading toward the beach at 4:45.

TOB:  9:30-10:30, 12:00-2:30 and 3:30-4:45
Gear: 11M Z1 and 9M Z with TT
Water conditions: Not as wavy as expected with 20-30 SSW mph winds
Wind: 15-35 SSW generally
Weather:  mostly sunny and in the 70s
Highlights: lofty, chop hopping ollies, carving need I say more

Metrobeach wind data for Sept 4

Friday, September 1, 2017

Day 51 of the 2017 season: Sterling State Park, coffee colored water and one of the better carve 'em up days

A nice venue, I would of preferred side on wind and
waves, but surprisingly, for the direction it was a great sesh with nice 5-10 footers on the
outside. One of the better carve 'em up days.

TOB:   2:30 - 4:00
Gear: 13M and TT
Water conditions: Onshore waves 3-5 footers inside and biggins, 5-10 on the outside
Wind: 12-25 mph onshore
Weather: hazy sun  remnants of Hurricane Harvey, mid 60s
Highlights: Started out rigging my 9M, by the time I finished rigging it the wind lulled. Waited it out and eventually rigged the 13M.
A challenge to launch - waves and wind were onshore. Once out past the shore break you had to work your way to the outside. Where the swell and wind direction were fun for carving a downwinder back toward shore hitting a wave every turn.
About 5-6 kiters and 4 windsurfers.

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