Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 35 of the 2014 season: Epic Port Sanilac to Lexington downwinder

Actual straight line distance 12 miles, the riding route 23.2 miles.
An epic downwinder, enjoyed by all, perfect 9M, mostly steady north winds of 15-25 mph, epic crew, Craig, Brian (although missed most of the crew), and the feeling of wanting more of this legal drug.
Although now the next day I'm feeling the pain of miles of toeside riding it's a good pain.
 I would compare it to a 23 mile downhill run on a snowboard on a blue/black run.

GPS Data
Highlight of the day:   Downwinder, effortless riding
TOW:   2 hours - 2:30 - 4:30
Gear:     9M and Mako 140
Conditions:    Good organized riding swells
Weather:  mid-60s mostly sunny
Wind:    north  15-25 MPH range
Schooled:   Riding, carving the swell/waves

Port Sanilac wind data 7-23-14



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 34 of the 2014 season: Lucky Tuesdays on "Da Island"

Last runs for the day

Seems like Tuesdays are wind days, 2nd Tuesday in a row.
Arrived on "Da Island" at 10:00 and on the water by 11:00.

1st session

1st session: 1 hour from 11:00-12:00
Marginal at best with the wind
dying off after an hour. 

2nd session

2nd session; 12:30 - 2:00, better winds this time
was able to gain more to the upwind.

3rd session: 3:00 - 5:00, finally good steadier winds, made a run to the flat water channel and carved a few turns there with Craig. But again wind slacked off and we had to head back after only one run in the slick.

4th session: 6:00 - 7:30, wind came up again so again went out not varying to far this time.

Entire crew plus 15 or so other kiters all enjoying todays gem of a day.
Special note about to Rick Ellis. As he was riding his new 14 M Rally today a strong period of wind quickly developed and lifted him up with only one foot in the straps. Upon crashing his foot twisted fracturing his lower leg and possibly ankle. We all wish him well with a speedy recovery.

Happy Kiter heading out for 3rd session of the day

Mitchell's Bay Data
Highlight of the day:  Upwind run to the smooth channel with Craig
TOW:   4 1 hour plus sessions
Gear:    11 M Z kite with 140 Mako board
Conditions:    Decent, some lulls
Weather: Mostly sunny mid-60s, some small cells in the area
Wind:    Mainly west, some lulls at appropriate times
Schooled:  Opposite tack pops and adding a 180 to the pops

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 33 of the 2014 season: Metro Beach goes Crazy - A Pure windsurfing Day


Metro Beach goes crazy -  A Pure windsurfing Day.
I didn't see this forecast coming our way and wow what surprise.
Just got home from Empire and headed straight to MB - rigged and on the water by 5:00.
Non-stop action until 7:00 when wind really became fluky on the inside.

Highlight of the day:  Surprise session
TOW:   Windsurfing 2:00 hours 5:00 - 7:00
Gear:    4.5 Ezzy Free Wave Sail and  100 liter RRD FSW board
Conditions:    Voodoo outside  - rides in were speed records and the jibeatorium was in its full glory.
Weather:  Summer conditions, Mid 70s, sunny, water temps in the 70s
Wind:    Constantly wavering between NW to SW 
Schooled:    Hero jibes in the outside swell and flat water jibes inside

LSC Buoy Data

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 32 of the 2014 season: Empire Beach Marginal Kiting with unpredictable storm winds

Empire quickie short sessions, 15 min first session and then a hour second session. Not that exciting of a day.
11M Kite, marginal SSW to 20 MPH up/down storm winds, cloudy, 60s. 
Definitely couldn't do an up winder today.
Empire Surf and Kayak Beach Cam
Or Click here to get current image --->

First 15 minute quickie session
Highlight of the day:  Happy to Get out
TOW:   1:15
Gear:    11 M
Conditions:   1-2 breakers inside
Weather:   cloudy, mid-60s
Wind:     SSW to 20 MPH
Schooled:     Small jumps

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 31 of the 2014 season: Another EPIC Empire Beach Kite day

Looking toward Empire Bluff Pointe

GPS Data

Classic Empire Day:
Another day of upwind riding to the pointe and carving turns back downwind on the 11M. A little harder to head upwind today - because of 11M kite? Or slightly different wind direction? Or lighter winds? I think lighter winds is the answer.

Highlight of the day:  Another 2 mile upwind ride and downwind carving
TOW:  11:30-1:30  
Gear:   11 M
Conditions:   Classic Empire,  2-4 foot swell

Weather:  Bluebird low 70s
Wind:  SSW to 25MPH fairly steady aloft
Schooled:   Carving Fun and some bigger hops over the swell

Marine Forecast for today 7/5/14,

Wind data from GTL 7-5-14
High pressure will continue to result in light winds through
tonight. The gradient tightens Saturday into Sunday as the high
moves east. Winds become gusty across mainly Lake Michigan
Saturday...and more so Sunday...but stability over the lakes will
likely keep winds under advisory levels for most areas...though localized advisory level gusts may occur due to coastal convergence.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 30 of the 2014 season: EPIC Classic Empire Wave Kiting Day


The Most EPIC big lake day of the season so far.
Long upwind rides and smooth carving turns downwind.

Russ - from Grand Rapids enjoying the classic conditions.
Can Empire Beach get any better?

Launched by S Bar creek
Highlight of the day:  Waves and an incredible 1.5 mile upwind run to Empire bluff. And then more incredible downwind riding back to launch site.
TOW:   Kiting 2.5 hours
Gear:    9 meter kite with 140 Mako
Conditions:    Waves 3-5 footers with smooth waves on the inside sand bar

Weather:  Summer conditions, Mid 70s, sunny, water temp in the mid 50s
Wind:    Appeared mostly SSW peak of 30MPH
Schooled:    Waves and unavoidable jumps

An incredible upwind ride from launch site to south of Empire Bluff.

Empire wind data