Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 21 of the 2015 season: Trying to squeeze in a last Snowkite session - poor conditions prevailed

Short session - I been monitoring the wind all evening when it suddenly spiked up around 5:00.
The wind remained up beat for an hour or so. Craig and I headed out to what could be the last local snow session of the season. We found good winds when we arrived. We quickly rigged in 40+ degrees, clear sky with the sun getting low,  with very wet snow conditions.

Conditions started out pretty lousy and the temperatures were dropping below freezing. Then the wet crud changed to frozen crud.
Had to rate this session a 1 star out of 5 stars.

Highlight: Stoked for a sunset session - it happened
but snow conditions were lousy

TRACK metro beach sunset sesh
MAX SPEED: 15.32 mph
SKI DISTANCE:  6.20 miles
TOW:  6:30 - 7:30
Gear:  11M 
Water Conditions: Wet snow conditions that soon froze with the dropping temps
Weather:   40 - 30 degrees, clear
Wind:  SSW winds 10-18 MPH -   just enough
Schooled:   My Favorite - Parking the kite while doing downwind runs

WA MB data
Sunset session

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 20 of the 2015 season: First Snowkite session with above freezing temperatures this season - soft conditions prevailed

Finally a warm, above freezing, bluebird day. Marginal winds but enough to do it all. A very enjoyable afternoon session at Metro Beach. Several kiters taking advantage of the conditions. The frozen rain that was on top of the snow softened enough to where it wasn't noticeable.
I'll give it a 2.5 star rating (5 stars being tops).

Metro Beach wind data

Highlight: Warmth                                        
TOW:   1.50 hour (2:00-3:30)
Gear:  11M 
Water Conditions: All soft conditions - recent ice layer was gone 
Weather:   40 degrees, bluebird
Wind:  SW winds 10-20 MPH enough to do it all
Schooled:   My Favorite - Parking the kite while doing downwind runs

TRACK Metro Beach
MAX SPEED: 16.07 mph
SKI DISTANCE:12.48 miles

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 19 of the 2015 season: Snowkite - Powder, sleet and freezing rain all in one quickie session

Had to time this one just right, which I didn't, a fresh 2-4 inches of snow between 8-11, sleet then rain from 11 to 12. Rigged in the snow launched in the sleet and rode in the freezing rain. Kite got weighted down, lines had some ice on them but still worth the effort.
Good SE winds to 25 mph, the best powder in a long time in spite of being soaking wet by 12:00.
A great powder day thanks to the fresh snow

TRACK Milner Beach 3/3/15
MAX SPEED: 16.78 mph
SKI DISTANCE:  8.41 miles

Highlight: Forecast right on, 2-4 inches                          
starting at 8 and rain by noon.                                          
TOW:  Another small window of opportunity -  had to time it the
with fresh snow and before the rain started. TOW 1.00 hour (11:00-12:00)
Gear:  11M 
Water Conditions: New powder, 2-4 inches on top a crusty base
Weather:   25 degrees, snow, sleet, rain
Wind:  Again SE winds up to 25 MPH -  enough wind to do it all
Schooled:   My Favorite - Parking the kite while doing downwind runs
this time in some fresh snow

Soaked with water and ice


Chipping off the ice - kite felt 10 pounds heavier with the ice build up