Sunday, July 28, 2013

Squally day at the local watering hole

Day 24 of the 2013 season
Metro Beach 7/28/2013 Sunday
That's 5 days on the water since 7/18 (5 for 10)

No wind at home but windy enough on the water.
MB talker reporting steady 16 plus from SSW - time to check it out.
Threw the minimum gear in the car, 100 liter board, 6.0, 5.5 and mast, boom and kite.
Got to Metro Beach by 10:30 rigged the 6.0 and on the water by 11:15. Great 5.5 - 6.0 conditions nonstop until a lull hit around 1:00. At that time I came in for break and watched as a few puffs almost got me back out. Sat around and got chilled and relaxed. Meanwhile Larry went back out slogged a little and then for the most he was up on a plane.
After a few more erratic puffs I decided to call it quits although the wind still showed some promise. I was chilled and shivering, put the gear away with wind blowing a steady 6.0.  Left anyway so my wind brothers could have some for themselves.

Sail Time: 1.5 hours from 11:15 – 1:00
Gear: 6.0 with 100 liter board
Conditions:  Easy sailing conditions perfect wind to swell match outside with flat on the inside.
Weather:  Mostly cloudy, Air 60s water 60s
Wind: WSW to 18-25 mph
Schooled: Slashing, hero jibes, 360s, heli-tacks, the full bag of tricks
Image:  MB Data for Jul 28 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Energetic Session at Crystal Lake

Day 23 of the 2013 season
That's 4 for 7

A disappointing day at Empire beach with whitecaps and the wind blowing 18 plus from the SW good enough for the 5.5. Problem was the beach was so crowded at mid-day that parking was impossible.
Since it was a pack up and head back home day it’ll have to do.
All packed up and ready to go I decided to take the route that goes by Crystal Lake.
Forecast called for 10 – 20 from the SW and it was above that when I left Empire.
At Crystal Lake I drove by the favorite launch spots on the south side of the lake. Saw the lake was definitely white capping so I stop in at the White Street launch and saw Al ripping along.
After talking to Al I rigged the 6.0 on the 100 liter board launched at 4:30 and sailed non-stop until 6:30. Some decent ripping with some nice jumping swell outside.
Al, like me likes to practice different moves so it was fun watching him and trying my moves that I need practice on.
This was a feel good energetic session, it seems like I had more excited energy after the session then before - got to love these sessions.

Sail Time: 2.0 hours from 4:30 – 6:30
Gear: 6.0 with 100 liter board
Conditions:  Jumpable outside, with flat on the inside
Weather:   Sunny, Air 70s water 70s
Wind: SW to 18-25 mph
Schooled: Slashing, jumping, hero jibes, 360s, heli-tacks
Image: The view

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cannery - Glen Haven Sleeping Bear Bay. Day 22 of the 2013 season

The Cannery - Glen Haven -  Sleeping Bear Bay - Day 22 of the 2013 season.
July 23, 2013 Tuesday
Consistent wind forecasts since Saturday

Above forecast from Saturday

Todays forecast - We'll see......

Actual wind data from today........  (Grand Traverse Light)

I would say forecast was right on again for it turned out pretty darn good.
I launched from The Cannery in Glen Haven due to side shore NW winds and not as ferocious shore break as Empire beach was. Smooth 2-4 foot breakers on the inside sandbars with voodoo 4-6 foot swell on the outside - what a workout trying to sail that stuff, swell coming from every direction so it seemed. The outside voodoo workout was well worth it because every time heading back to the to the inside sandbars the swell smoothed out and was well organized, good for riding. I actually had some good wave front and back  side down the line wave riding for 40- 50 yards.
The wind was nearly side shore with the waves coming straight in perfect for wave riding.

Sail Time: 3.0 hours from 1:00 - 4:30
Gear: 5.0 with 85 liter board
Conditions:  4-5  foot voodoo swell outside, with smooth organized waves on the inside
Weather:   Sunny, Air 60s water 70s
Wind: NW to 20 - 30 mph

Schooled: Wave riding
Image: Grand Traverse Light Data, Venue from Pyramid Point 400 feet above sleeping Bear Bay
Video: Some backside riding

Friday, July 19, 2013

Forecast was right on Day 2 at Empire Beach

Forecast was right on - 2nd in a row at Empire Beach 

Day 21 for the 2013 season  
Empire Beach, 7-19-2013 Friday.

Another forecast that was right on, strong SW winds early morning and  receding to light winds by afternoon.
Rigged and on the water by 8:00 sailed nonstop until I was exhausted. At 9:30 came in took a break and mounted the Go-Pro on the helmet.
It was a warm morning nearly 80 degrees with a cold  front barreling down. Storms and winds were in the forecast, 5.0 and 85 liter were perfect. Again just like the previous day smooth as silk waves to jibe on - fun city for sure.
Images of shore break havoc as tiny but strong shore break takes it's toll - finally rig safe on the beach luckily nothing broken.

Sail Time: 2.0 hours from 8:00-1030
Gear: 5.0 with 85 liter board
Conditions:  4-5  foot organized swell, with many smooth faces
Weather: Sunny, Air 80s water 70s
Wind: S-SW to 30-40 mph

Schooled: Wave riding
Image: Grand Traverse Light Data

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Forecast was right on Empire Beach lights up by 5:00 - Day 20 for the 2013 season

Forecast was right on - Empire Beach lights up by 5:00

Day  20 for the 2013 season  
Empire Beach, 7-18-2013 Thursday.

Never expected the forecast to be correct, all day long the wind was forecasted to be sailable by 6:00.
Well sure enough by 5:00 Lake Michigan was lite up with 5.0 - 5.5 conditions. The cold front was heading south and in front of it the predicted winds were right on.
Perfect swell with many smooth ones to make effortless jibe on. Didn't have to look far in the distance for the smooth swells they were all over so was able to do short tacks and a lot of smooth jibing.
First writeable session for the Empire this year, 95 degrees with 70 degree water shorty suit was all I needed which is rare for me.
Rigged the 5.5 on the 85 liter and I could of been on a 5.0 but held on and enjoyed 2 hours of non-stop action with the 5.5.

Sail Time: 2.0 hours from 6:00 - 8:00
Gear: 5.5 with 85 liter board
Conditions:  4-5 swell organized swell, with many smooth ones.
Weather:   Sunny, Air 95s water 70s,  shorty weather
Wind: S-SW to 20-30 mph

Schooled: Wave riding
Image: Grand Traverse Light and Empire Data

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lexington as planned

Lexington as planned 

Day 19 for the 2013 season  
Lexington, 7-11-2013 Thursday.

This session was a semi-planned event. That is I hope I don't waste gas and time chasing the wind. 
The forecast looked marginally for wind, but throw in the late afternoon anomaly that we often see here.
Left home at 1:30 rigged and on the water at 3:30 with 6.0 and 100 liter board. Wasn't sure what to rig with the Big Man Harry on a 7.5 and semi-slogging.  6.0 is the biggest sail I have so that narrowed the choices down.
At first it was lite but riding the swell could get you going enough to make it worthwhile.
Gradually the anomaly kicked in and by 4:00 it was well powered 6.0 conditions. I was able to head back up wind and gain some ground that I lost during the lighter stuff.
I made a heading to the north side of the jetty due to a wind shadow on the south side. The 6.0 on the 100 liter board was working perfectly, winds were estimated in the 15-20 MPH  range.
Sailed until 6:00 when wind got lighter, I made it a down winder from the north side of the harbor and called it a day.
My 3rd time at Lexington so far this summer I believe that is a record for me in a single season. I really enjoy this launch, clean water, no weeds and nice swell, water is warmed and crowds are non-existent.
Harry 6.5 - 7.5, Millard 6.0,  Craig and Eddie kited.

Sail Time: 2.5 hours from 3:30-6:00
Gear: 6.0 with 100 liter board
Conditions: Small but organized swell, mellow winds
Weather:   Sunny, Air 60s water 60s.
Wind: N- NE to 15-20 mph

Schooled: Wave riding
Image: Port Sanilac data,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lexington Scores for second day in a row

Lexington Scores for second day in a row. Nice mellow day of easy riding

Day 18 for the 2013 season  
Lexington, 7-1-2013 Monday.

This session was a planned event. Forecast looked like a no brainer for guaranteed wind?
Left home at 1:00 on the water at 2:30 with 5.0 and 100 liter board. 
Found decent conditions with slight east in the north winds. Felt lite for the 5.0 so that's the reason I took the bigger board out.
After 24+ hours of N-NE winds the waves/swell were looking exciting some 8-10 footers appearing now and then.
Ripped it up for an hour and a half mostly on the north side of the jetty due to a wind shadow on the south side. The 5.0 on the big board was working perfectly winds were estimated in the 15-20 range. Surprisingly the big board never felt to big but at times I was glad I had it because of the liter puffs that occasionally came through.
Came in about 4:30 due to wind increasing slightly and hunger pains, took a half hour break and headed back out with the same gear. Again ripped it up on south side having one of my best sessions of the season so far. Playing in the swell, surfing the swell and hitting some swell perfectly for long easy surfing rides. Not to windy so no overpowered moments at all which made for an easy relaxing day. One of the best days this season so far.
A record Monday showing with 8 windsurfers; John Z, Larry R, Rick, Keith, Craig, Jerry, Chris, and Tom J. Sail sizes ranged from Chris 4.6 how did he do it? to Rick on a 6.5.
Also worth mentioning is that this was the 3rd day in a row, very rare in Michigan.

Sail Time: 4.0 hours from 2:30 - 7:00

Gear: 5.0 with 100 liter board
Conditions: Nice swell, mellow winds
Weather:   Cloudy, Air 60s water 60s.
Wind: N- NE to 15-25 mph steady as it gets

Schooled: Wave riding as good as it gets in Michigan
Image: Gear on beach, Crew and Port Sanilac wind data