Monday, April 16, 2018

Session 26 of the 2018 season: Wind speeds drop enough to rig the 7M

Highlights: Wind speeds dropped enough to rig the 7M kite in the afternoon. Chuck on a 4.0 sail was an indication of too much wind for me to WS. (smallest sail 4.5)
An interesting day with the wind direction showing more west and practically onshore. Swells were organized and fun to play in. Jumping off the swell added a new dimension, (height) to the fun factor.
Also more reverse toeside practice, so much weaker going on the opposite side.

TOB:   3:00-4:30 1.5 hours
Gear:  7M Nish Pivot and TT
Surface conditions:  Swells galore
Wind: SW 20-30 mph 
Weather: Sunny temperatures in the lower sixties

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