Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Session 20 of the 2018 season: A solid 7M kite day finished up with a WS speed check

Highlights:  Home port, a solid day of 7M with TT and a WS speed session in the afternoon.
Windsurfing speed run check with the 5M sail and 100 liter board.
Preparing for a 6 mile in and out race.
Checking my ability to enter the biggest windsurfing event in North American.
12 miles total, 3 miles out and 3 miles back. Taking 2 laps with an averaged speed of 14.9 mph, max speed of 22.8 mph.

3 miles out and and back twice

TOB:    11:00-1:00 2 hours 7M kiting and an afternoon session (3:00-4:00) of WS on the 5M, 100 liter RRD. 
Gear:  7M, TT
Surface conditions: Typical sound side conditions  
Wind:  NNW 20 -30
Weather: Cloudy, cold 50ish degrees


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