Monday, January 8, 2018

Session 6 of the 2018 season: Snowkiting Lake Cadillac, with a wind scoured surface

TOB:   1:15-2:30
Gear:   Burton TT, 11M Z1 kite
Surface conditions:   Wind scoured of any decent snow
Wind:  SW steady 15-20mph
Weather: 100% cloudy,  30°  

Highlights:  Lack of snow, bare ice spots and warming temperatures resulted in poor snowkiting conditions. Met up with Mark at Katie’s waterfront apartment and kited out of the backyard on Lake Cadillac. SW winds were in the steady 20s, temps near 30 and a dusting of freezing drizzle that fell earlier that morning.
Rigged the 11M and searched for some good snowpack on the lake. 
Gave up after and hour of searching. Fierce winds on Sunday scoured the lake of precious snow.
It was a tiring session with constant edging on ice and sparse snow drifts that were crusted with frozen drizzle.
It’s been a darn good week of excessive consumption on the snowboard, (binge kiting/snowboarding).
6 snowkiting sessions and 5 downhill snowboarding sessions most sessions with fresh powder.

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