Friday, January 5, 2018

Session 4 of the 2018 season: Another brutally, cold, complete whiteouts, challanging snowkite session

TOB:  3:15-4:45 
Gear: 11M Z1 kite with TT snowboard 
Surface conditions:  Deep windblown powder - too deep sometimes
Wind:  10-30 mph from the NW
Weather: 8 degrees and a black and white environment
Highlights:  With 3 days of nearly constant lake snows the windblown powder was bottomless. 
At times during the vertigo I couldn't figure out if I was moving, or how fast I was moving. No reference points could be spotted due to being in the white room. I would hit a deep drift and bury the board and coming to a crashing halt. A workout of a session, totally spent every once of energy I had after this session. And then had to walk the 100 yards back to the car in thigh to waist deep snow drifts...And this is fun?

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