Sunday, January 7, 2018

Session 5 of the 2018 season: A rodeo at Little Glen with 10-40 mph winds

TOB:   3:00-4:30
Gear:   Burton TT, 7M Naish kite
Surface conditions:    Deep heavy windblown powder 
Wind:  SW gusty 10-40 mph
Weather: 90% cloudy,  30°  
Highlights: Another brutal day, although it’s warm, 30° at launch time. Winds gusting from 15-40 from the SW, 3 inches of additional snow but l don’t think that mattered, plenty of windblown heavy packed powder on Little Glen Lake. Decided to rig the 7M kite after the last few days with the 9M which was a handful. 
Rode for 1.5 hours until I was exhausted from the heavy snow. Quite the workout just rigging the kite in knee deep snow like this.

Overall a brutally fun session, lots of carving up the snowscape only to have it quickly resurfaced.

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