Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Session 2 of the 2018 season: Nearly perfect snowkite session on Lake Mitchell

Carving endless turns on the downwind runs

TOB:  2:00-4:00
Gear: 9M Z kite with TT snowboard 
Surface conditions: A nice hard packed base of an inch or two, nicely formed 6-10 inch powdery windblown snow drifts and of course some wind scoured bare ice spots.  
Wind:  15-35 mph from the SW 
Weather: 16 degrees and bluebird, wind and blowing snow at times made conditions brutal
Highlights: Nearly epic day of snowkiting, enough snow cover and wind to make endless carving turns. SW winds gusting to 35mph made it challenging. But the downwind drifting the kite and carving the turns was epic. 

Just me and my shadow

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