Monday, April 3, 2017

Session 15 of the 2017 season:Cloudy evening to last light session

Calm all day with the wind forecasted to pick up in the late afternoon.
Harry braved it and went out WS,  ripping it up out at the wind line, a few other kiters were soon out.
Finally rigged my 11M Z1 and bee lined it up to the slick for a few quick runs, flukier winds there due to wind direction, but workable. We rode beyond last light.
Craig, Mr. I'll never ride in the dark, and I enjoyed the session. Beers in the hot tub to finished the night.

TOB:   6:30-8:00
Gear:    11M/TT 
Water Conditions:  Typical sound side
Weather:    cloudy evening with mid-50s temperatures
Wind:   SSE to 30 mph, side off
Highlights: Dark session with early darkness due to a cloudy sunset

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