Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 26 of the 2017 season: Near Epic NE slick action

At two o'clock I tried to windsurf with my 4.5M sail and found it uncomfortably overpowered. Harry sailed his 5.0 and did well. Waited for the wind to slack off a bit and maybe get more north in it.
But that didn't happen. So time to kite, I walked out to the wind line to set an anchor. Lots of sandbar areas exposed due to the strong winds. Set an anchor and rigged the 6.5M kite. After launching I still had to walk nearly another 100 yards to find deep enough water to launch.
Once underway I easily worked my way upwind to the shallow slicks and enjoyed the butter for almost 2 hours. Up to 6 other kiters were also at the slicks.

Low water in the sound with a northeast wind of 20-30 mph


TOB:  5:00 - 6:30
Gear: 6.5 M LF kite and TT
Water Conditions: sound side slicks
Weather:  mid-60s, sunny
Wind:  20-35 NE
Highlights: Hard carving, boosting, jumping with board grabs and 180 ollies toeside and heelside.

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