Saturday, October 7, 2017

Day 57 of the 2017 season: BIG DAY at Frankfort

The absolute biggest wave day I have seen here. The massive 10-15 footers on the inside were widely spaced and clean.  
I must admit heading out through the swell sure got the intimidation factor, (scared) going.
I got crushed by one I was riding in, crash on top of me from behind, I couldn’t out run it on the inside where the wind was fluky. Didn’t know how I would recover from that, but it all happen so quick, no tumbling, no rag dolling no harm was done. It just went over me and I made sure the kite stayed in the air and I came out the back side, no problem. I could only image what would of happen if I was on my windsurf rig.
The Harbor was a wild rodeo, 1-4 foot swell in the harbor. Spray from jetty going 20-40 feet up and blowing 50 yards into the harbor. 
Many surfers were on the best waves closer to the inside and they were hard to spot. I avoided their area and stayed out of their way. You come up on them so fast and they are hard to see in the wave troughs.
Surfers probably outnumbered the kiters, about a dozed kiters at the peak time, kite sizes ranged from 7M to 12M.
An excellent day but a little bit intimidating at times 

TOB: 1:30-3:30
Gear: 9M Z 100% depowered and TT board
Water conditions: Biggest waves I've ever seen here
Wind: 30-40 mph
Weather:  warm, cloudy 70ish, still using my 3/4 wetsuit comfortable
Highlights: The absolute biggest wave day I have seen here, massive 10-15 footers. Some fantastic wave surfing in the surf and excellent jumping in the harbor

FF wind data from WA

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