Thursday, October 5, 2017

Day 56 of the 2017 season: Leland's Van's beach follows the WA forecast, spot on

I was following the wind forecast all day. Small craft warnings were up from Sleeping Bear point  
With the south westerly winds forecasted I thought Leland might be doable and my first chance ever to sample this venue.
Arrived at 1:30 and saw plenty of capping from Van's beach located just south of the harbor.
It looked and felt like 11M so I rigged my 13M.
Self launched by 2:00, rode mostly 75% depowered for the entire session, could have used my 11M. The boosted jumps were magical with the 13, long floaters with soft landings.
Rode downwind to the leeside of the harbor for a few short slick rides and found some clean waves off the jetty point. Rode back to launch area and played there for awhile boosting and carving.
Decided to head up wind to a treed point well south of the launch. It took several tacks with carving and jumping at the opportune times. Once near the pointe it was time for a downwinder in the shore break. The run upwind to the point must of taken 30 minutes, the downwinder back to the launch took 10 minutes, but well worth it, to play in clean shore break is my favorite.
Once back to the launch the wind lulled, perfect timing. Came in and called it a day.
Note: wind came back up soon after I derigged.
Overall an excellent session, jumping, carving, short slicks, and carving downwinder.

TOB: 90 minutes
Gear: 13M Z kite, TT
Water conditions: up to 5 foot swell
Wind: WSW 15-25 mpg
Weather:  mostly overcast near 60 degrees
Highlights: New venue, worked for me. They say its better on a NW as the waves wrap around the south jetty.

Tracks from Leland Harbor's session 

The WA sensor is located a few yards from the launch site

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