Saturday, February 17, 2018

Session 11 0f the 2018 season: Snowkite with frozen granular conditions

Generally frozen granular snow conditions. 
Thawed and refrozen snowpack spotty at best. Nice little 10-20 yard speed strip of frozen granular snow along the beach. Also found the “wave” spot where the snow was deep and wind blown into the 3-4 feet high water eroded cliffs along the shoreline. "Ride it like a wave"
By far not the best conditions but probably the last Snowkite session on LSC this season. With a warming trend forecasted for the next 10 days that’ll probably thaw most of the ice.
Gear for the day, 13M Z kite and TT

TOB:   1:15-3:00 
Gear:    13M Z kite and TT
Surface conditions: Frozen Granular (corn snow)
Wind: 10-20 SSW
Weather:   Mostly overcast 31 degrees 
Highlights: The wave

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