Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Session 11 of the 2017 snowkite season: Island Park Idaho - the sun is shining

Wind blown conditions on a meadow near Island Park Idaho
Craig and I decided to take a day off from riding Big Sky and do some snowkiting.
Took a suggestion from Kyle and headed to Island Park just across the Idaho border.
There we found meadows of snow covered terrain to kite on. The hills were a treat - I never kited up or down hills before. The snow conditions were near excellent with wind blown powder and plenty of it. Mostly sunny conditions with blowing and drifting snow  

  1:00 - 3:00
Gear:    11M Z1 and Burton Board
Water Conditions:  (snow conditions)   Wind blown snow up to 10 inches deep on a solid base
Weather:   Mostly sunny, blowing, drifting snow 15-20 degrees
Wind:  mainly southern winds 20-30 mph
Highlights: wide open  hilly terrain at 6500 feet above sea level

TRACK snow kite island park Idaho
MAX SPEED 22.34 mph
SKI DISTANCE 20.56 miles

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